Saturday, October 25, 2014

Giveaway Winner Models Her New Necklace

I'd like to introduce Flattering50 readers to Robin. Robin is the winner of the most recent Flattering50 giveaway and is wearing the pretty necklace she chose from the Boyer New York collection. "I'm thrilled with it!" Robin wrote in a recent email. "It goes with everything--a little black dress and a tee shirt."

Robin said she enjoyed working with Lisa Harris, designer and creative spirit at Boyer New York. "I had a hard time choosing a necklace and wrote Lisa several times," she explained. "I finally narrowed it down to five pieces and Lisa answered my questions about those."

In the end, Robin picked the Silver Tube and Jumbo Pearl Necklace, a piece with her birthstone. The necklace features a single large 30mm pearl. "I love it," she wrote. "It's my new favorite necklace. Lisa's collection is beautiful and the craftsmanship is stunning." Robin said she plans to "debut" her new beautiful necklace at an upcoming wedding. "I am excited!" And I'm excited for Robin. Her new necklace looks lovely on her!