Friday, January 31, 2014

A Perfect Winter Handbag: The DIY Faux Fur Tote

Faux fur tote bag

In December, Cyndee, a Flattering50 reader from Virginia, emailed me about a faux fur tote she was making. I love faux fur accessories—hats, handbags, gloves, shoes and so on! I wrote back, asking her to send me a photo of the finished tote. Not only did she send me a photo (above), but she said I could share it with you. Isn’t it fabulous? Cyndee used faux snow leopard fur fabric and faux suede for the straps. “I am having fun wearing my snow leopard faux fur bag,” Cyndee writes. “It’s a casual bag, but I could see using this type of fabric for a smaller, evening purse.”

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Self-Help for Aging Legs

self-help for aging legs

Months ago, a Flattering50 reader emailed me after I'd written a post entitled Arms Over 50: The 3/4 Sleeve Solution. She wanted to know if I had any aging legs solutions. It’s a great question! Sadly, many women over 50 notice signs of aging--such as crepey skin, sagging knees, age spots, flaky skin, varicose veins--on their legs. They have two choices: treat the problem or hide it. Thanks to modern medicine, there are corrective procedures (ie, lifts and laser treatments) that can help. For those of us who lack the nerve or the pocketbook for these expensive procedures, there are also self-help treatments. Here's my self-help regimen for aging legs. I'd love to know yours.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

2014 Golden Globes: Is this the Year of the Woman Over 40?

Golden Globes
Photo credit: jdeeringdavis (Flickr: Golden Globes) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

It's no news that the fashion industry continues to largely ignore women over 50. However, I like to think our age group is starting to get noticed here and there. Every so often, a designer, such as Lanvin, or a clothing brand, like Talbots, Uniglo or Chico (to name a few), celebrates the older woman by either using models or spokeswomen of a certain age.

At the same time, I get excited when I notice women over 40, 50 and beyond being recognized in other industries and professions. I like to think changes in other fields will encourage change in the fashion world. Case in point: The 2014 Golden Globe Awards.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Style Over 50: Graphic Sweater Coat

Unless you live somewhere extremely remote, I suspect you are seeing sales everywhere right now. The temptation to save big is hard to resist. The thing I love about January sales is they give me an opportunity to buy a few things I wasn't sure I wanted in the fall and get them at a significantly lower price. This January, I was looking for a sweater coat and for something--a dress or skirt--with a graphic print. Recently, I found a sweater coat with a graphic print, marked down 50% (above).

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Are You Ready for Some Downton Abbey?

Editor's note: Fear not. This post contains no Downton Abbey spoilers.

Yes, I'm one: a true-blue Downton Abbey fan counting down the hours to the first episode of Season 4. If you knew me, like my boys do, you wouldn't be surprised. For years, my children have referred to me as a "costume drama geek." And the costumes in Downton Abbey, especially Season 2, are fabulous! On New Years Day, my husband and I took a stroll around a nearby estate. There's nothing in my wardrobe that remotely resembles the fashions of the 20th century's early decades. Instead, I fudged a Downton look with a quasi-equestrian outfit (above). Tally-ho.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Favorite 2013 Fashions for Women Over 50

Spring fashion for women over 50

Call me crazy, but January 1st never feels like the first day of the new year. Instead, it feels like the new year is on pause for 24 hours. I usually spend the day relaxing and reflecting on what has been and what may be in the coming year., I'm looking back at some of my favorite 2013 fashion and style trends for women over 50. I've put together a list, though not in any particular order.