Sunday, September 27, 2015

Moisturizing Gloves Repair Hands Anywhere, Anytime

Editor’s Note: I was recently asked me to review a new product, James and Lourdes Moisturizing Gloves. The following is my review. 

Health and beauty experts tell women over 50 to moisturize year round. And sure, I’m devoted to daily facial moisturizing—even in summertime. My hands, however, are another story. Sadly, I tend to ignore my hands until they start to burn and itch. My problem: I never think to moisturize my hands when there's time for the hand lotion to be absorbed. Granted, tacky hands isn't a huge problem. However, it's been enough to squash anything close to daily hand moisturizing routine.

Over the summer, the folks at James and Lourdes contacted me with a possible solution: gloves that allow hand moisturizing anywhere, anytime. Unlike spa gloves, they told me, James and Lourdes moisturizing gloves are made from microfiber polyester yarn with a bit of stretch for use indoor or outdoor. The James and Lourdes folks suggested that summertime was the perfect time to start moisturizing, before the onset of cold weather. I liked the idea of being proactive and agreed to try the gloves.