Saturday, May 19, 2012

Memorial Day Sales: They're Already Here!

Jones New York Double Pocket Shirt

Just a quick post to alert Flattering50 readers: Memorial Day Weekend Sales are already starting! Be sure to check out your favorite clothing sites for great discounts. Take, for instance, Jones New York, which is offering up to 75% discounts across the site through Monday, May 28th. The Jones New York Double Pocket Shirt above was $79 and now is $49. (Click on the photo and check out the buttons down the back--nice, simple detail.) Needless to say, if you can shop early, you may find more to choose from. I just noticed that all the JNY suit separates I have posted "Over 50 Women Suit Up" are on sale. While sizes for some styles are very limited, others have the full range of sizes. Click on JNY's promo box at the left for direct access to that site's Memorial Day Sale.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Over 50 Arms: Time for Potions and Pilates?

I was curious to see what, if any, solutions for aging arms were on the web. My most recent Flattering50 Giveaway asked readers to answer the questions, "Are You Alarmed About Your Arms?" While the degree of "alarm" seemed to vary, most readers were conscious of the aging process's effect on their limbs. So I thought I'd write a quick post with a few available arm "treatments" and workout options. I have absolutely no idea if any of this works. Chances are the potions are as effective as the many anti-aging facial products. However, I like the fact that one site has a remedy you can mix up yourself at home and another has a few exercises that don't require a gym membership or a whole lot of time. For what they're worth, read on...

Saturday, May 12, 2012

"Alarmed About Your Arms?" Giveaway Winners

I enjoyed reading everyone's response to my question, "Are You Alarmed About Your Arms?". Prior to that post, I'd received comments from women haranguing me for posting sleeveless tops and dresses. I was glad to see that not every over 50 woman feels the need to blacklist sleeveless.

Maybe it's because I live in a heavily populated area, but I find the aging process varies a lot among women over 50. The body parts that are wrinkling, sagging, bagging and so forth on one over 50 woman aren't necessarily the same wrinkling, sagging, bagging parts for another woman. Consequently, I don't think you can make hard and fast rules about over 50 women can and can't wear. Personally, I was never in love with my arms and these days there's less to love. But I've got "other fish to fry," like a sagging jawline. Ugh! So I don't spend a lot of time (yet) worrying about my arms. Like many of the post's respondents, I still wear sleeveless at home and in casual situations. For work or formal social situations, I tend to cover up, but mostly because I don't want to freeze in the air-conditioning. I realize my days of sleeveless are probably numbered. And I totally understand and sympathize with those of you who are already compelled to cover up all the time.

However...I still truly believe that a positive spirit and a flattering outfit can go an awfully long way to draw attention away from our little lumps and bumps, and sags and bags. When I'm with a woman I admire, I'm not studying her sleeveless arms or rippling neck or whatever. I like to think that other people aren't either.

Anyway. Here are the comments that were randomly drawn for the "Are You Alarmed About Your Arms?" Giveaway. Each winner received a $25 e-gift certificate. Thanks to everyone who participated and congratulations to the winners. The next Flattering50 Giveaway will be posted on Friday, June 8th. Read on for the winners' comments...

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mother’s Day Sale: Spring Dresses Under $50

Connected Apparel Peacock Print Tie Waist Dress

My birthday is in May. And though I'm still "safely in my 50s," as my husband likes to says, I don't look forward to celebrating the day of my birth the way I did, say, 40 years ago. Instead, I prefer to focus on Mother's Day. I welcome any and all expressions of appreciation for dear-old-mom, including breakfast in bed, brunch at a favorite restaurant, a barbecue, a bunch of tulips--whatever. In fact, I don't mind basking in the glory of motherhood all weekend. This weekend, I may spend time in the garden, go see "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" movie or do some shopping. With all the Mother's Day sales over the next few days, I pretty sure I'll do a little bargain hunting. If you need of a pair or sandals or a beach cover up, I strongly recommend you check out your favorite shopping destinations. Chances are you'll find some great savings. Take, for instance, the Connected Apparel Peacock Print Tie Waist Dress (was $70, now $42) above for Beall's online department store. Take 40% off our entire stock of womens dresses on from 5.3-5.13! Choose from over 300 styles of dresses including sundresses, cocktail dresses, and lace dresses. Beall's has a nice selection of comfortable dresses with or without sleeves for women over 50. Read on for a few more examples.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Capris: Now in Color

Jones New York Side Zip Capri Short

Watch out white capris! Colored capris and cropped pants are moving in on the perennial summer favorite. Last spring, colored jeans were all the rage. This spring, colored capris, like the Jones New York Side Zip Capri Short ($89) above, are the new favorite colored slacks (though there are plenty of colorful jeans, too!). I love these JNY capris for two reasons: the side zipper and no waistband--which means less bulk around the waist. Read on for a sample of the hot colors and styles, both dressy and casual, for women over 50…