Saturday, March 30, 2013

Wedding Guest Attire: Hold the Hosiery?

Wedding Guest Attire: Hold Hoisery?

I'm sure you're aware that nylon hosiery went out of style sometime last year and is showing no sign of coming back into fashion favor. If you wore opaque tights all winter, you were still a hip old lady. But now that spring is here (officially, though not physically around here!), women over 50 are supposed to resist the temptation to pull on nylon hose. So...I wasn't surprised when a Flattering50 reader emailed me and wrote:

I have an evening wedding to go to the last day of May. Now let me ask a question that definitely separates my generation from my kids': What about hose? Is it totally 70s to wear hose? I'm quite fair and pretty sure my legs were never intended to be seen. What to do that doesn't date me? My husband and I are very close to the same height, so I don't usually do much of a heel. If I go with a longer length and a lower heel, then that feels frumpy to me and I prefer to feel "dressed" for such an occasion. I want to look sharp because there will be family pictures.

First off, sweet reader, you're not alone! My over 50 girlfriends and I are grappling with the very same question this spring. Recently, a friend reminded me of a Hercule Poirot Mystery Classic in which the detective solved the crime by looking at the bare knees of the criminal and realizing she wasn't the young thing she pretended to be. "Ouch!!!" said my friend. Ouch, indeed. That said, I'm a big believer that one of the perks of being over 50 is that I don't have to be a fashion slave, if I don't want to. I have options. I've come up with a few, but would love to hear what other over 50 women are doing these days. For a few leg options, click...

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Style Over 50: The Colorful Jeans Show

Women's True Slim Chinos  - Velvet Orange, 14

I am sooo ready for spring and all its gorgeous colors – emerald, yellow, purple, pink. A few brave crocuses have popped out. But, alas, Old Man Winter won’t release us Northeasterners from his grip. It snowed last Saturday and again Tuesday night. Thursday was windy with snowy flurries all day. Grrr! What’s a girl to do? Well, if she lives in New York, she could go to the Orchid Show at the New York Botanical Gardens for a dose of spring colors.

Last Saturday, my sister and I went to the Orchid Show. Did you know there are over 30,000 varieties of orchids? The NYBG does a fantastic job, displaying a sample of orchids from around the world. Though I’ve seen the show numerous times, I’m always filled with a renewed sense of awe and complete and utter joy. Mother Nature is quite the master of design! In fact, I’ve often thought that if I were a designer, I would take inspiration from her orchids.

Well, I'm not a designer, but I am a gal who likes to infuse Nature's colors and patterns into her wardrobe. This spring, there's another colorful show going on in store and online--the Colored Jeans Show. (How's that for a segue?) Jeans and slacks in bold orchid-like colors and patterns are everywhere. Take, for instance, the Women's True Slim Chinos - Velvet Orange, 14 (was $60, now $29.99. In 4 colors and 8 sizes) at the top of this post. It reminds me a bit of the "Orange Sugar" orchid above. For this post, I've put together a sample of orchids and jeans. Clearly, the jeans can't compete with the orchid's beauty, but I'm pretty excited about all these bold colored bottoms. To continue, click...

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Casual Dressing Over 50: 6 Easy Pieces

Casual Dressing Over 50: Six Easy Pieces

Recently, a Flattering50 reader emailed and said, "I need ideas for casual dressing. What to wear on Saturdays other than jeans?" I had to smile because I struggled with the casual dressing over 50 dilemma last fall. My wardrobe consisted largely of office clothes or yard work clothes. I really had nothing in-between. One night, my husband and I were having dinner with friends before a concert. It was a Tuesday night and I'd run home after work to change out of my skirt and blazer and into a skirt and cashmere sweater--my "dressed down" look. At dinner, a male friend said to me: "I guess you came straight from work." For some reason, the innocent comment was a style wake up call. It was time to invest in a few garments for casual activities.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Still Learning: Lace in the Workplace?

Last August, I bought a lace skirt at Ann Taylor (above). I'd just been to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see the "Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations” exhibit and was in the mood for a new fall skirt. (I'm always in the mood for a new skirt when I look at Prada clothing!) I loved the Ann Taylor skirt's beige lining, which made the lace stand out, and its fun flounce (see below). The thing is, as I perused my closet last weekend, looking for something to wear, I came upon the lace skirt and realized--to my dismay--that I had only worn it three times since August. I'd worn it on Thanksgiving and to a couple of December parties--that's all. The skirt seemed too dressy for most casual activities. Saturday night, I wore it out to dinner and to the theater. And I'm determined to wear it a few more times before I put it away till next fall. So...I've been wondering: Can I wear a lace skirt to work?

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Skirt Alert: Dare to Flare

Jones New York Graphic Print Pleated Skirt (Green, Size 14)

A while back, a Flattering50 reader commented: "I'd like to see more skirts that aren't pencil, full or maxi-length." She noted that she liked one of my flared skirts in the post because it was "nice without being voluminous." I was thrilled to get the comment because I've been thinking the same way. I'm under 5'5" and find a typical "full skirt" overwhelms me with too much volume. And while I'm very fond of my pencil skirts, they shout "office work" to me. A flared or A-lined skirt is a comfortable and fun style for casual activities. (Though, most flared skirts can be styled for work as well.)

I've been reading that the flared skirt is a trend this spring. So...I poked around the web to see what I could find. I'm happy to report I found a nice assortment of flared and A-lined skirts hemmed around the knee or just above--perfect for women over 50. Take, for instance, the Jones New York Graphic Print Pleated Skirt (Green, Size 14) ($119) above. Click "Read More" below to see the other skirts I found.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Style Over 50: 2013 Swimsuit Trends

Longitude White Carnaby Plus Size Surplice Swimsuit

I like to look at swimsuits in March; it gets me excited about all things summery. I am, however, a little reluctant to post about latest swimwear trends on Flattering50. For one thing, the only place I could imagine wearing many of this year's swimsuit designs is in my worst nightmares. And, then, there’s the problem with visuals--most swimsuit models are, well, young bathing beauties. Hmm--what to do? Will the Flattering50 reader allow me to share some of the trends with photos of young women with--for the most part--realistic body shapes? Well, that’s what I’ve tried to do in this post on 2013 swimsuits for women over 50. Several of the swimsuits are on sale right now, like Longitude White Carnaby Plus Size Surplice Swimsuit (was $99, now $69.99) above from Shop Swimsuits By the by, Swim4All is offering Sitewide Pre-4th of July sale - Save an Extra 35% off at thru July 2nd.

To view more 2013 swimsuits for women over50, click...

Friday, March 1, 2013

March Giveaway: Coldwater Creek Jewelry

Editor's Note: The March 2013 Giveaway has ended. Thanks to all those who entered!

Jewelry is a great way to brighten your spirits and your look! This month, I’m offering Flattering50 readers a chance to win three lovely pieces of jewelry with emerald-colored accents--one of this spring's hot colors--from Coldwater Creek. Click “Read More” below to enter for a March Giveaway, to view more photos of the jewelry set…

Giveaway Winners: Where Do You Shop?

Oh my gosh! I'm just about to launch the Flattering50 March Giveaway and I realized I never reported the winners of my last Giveaway!! For my last Giveaway, readers were asked: Where Do You Like to Shop? I appreciated hearing where other women over 50 like to shop and I learned about some wonderful new shopping destinations. Thanks!! Three participants were randomly selected and send $25 e-gift certificates. To read their responses, click "Read More" below. And if you like a Giveaway as much as I do, check back a little later for the Flattering50 March Giveaway.