Sunday, September 27, 2015

Moisturizing Gloves Repair Hands Anywhere, Anytime

Editor’s Note: I was recently asked me to review a new product, James and Lourdes Moisturizing Gloves. The following is my review. 

Health and beauty experts tell women over 50 to moisturize year round. And sure, I’m devoted to daily facial moisturizing—even in summertime. My hands, however, are another story. Sadly, I tend to ignore my hands until they start to burn and itch. My problem: I never think to moisturize my hands when there's time for the hand lotion to be absorbed. Granted, tacky hands isn't a huge problem. However, it's been enough to squash anything close to daily hand moisturizing routine.

Over the summer, the folks at James and Lourdes contacted me with a possible solution: gloves that allow hand moisturizing anywhere, anytime. Unlike spa gloves, they told me, James and Lourdes moisturizing gloves are made from microfiber polyester yarn with a bit of stretch for use indoor or outdoor. The James and Lourdes folks suggested that summertime was the perfect time to start moisturizing, before the onset of cold weather. I liked the idea of being proactive and agreed to try the gloves.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Keep Your Favorite Purse Looking Great

Editor's Note: Flattering50 was recently invited to review Wrapurse, a new product that protects the bottom of a woman's handbag. The following is that review.

How many times have you hesitated to put your good handbag down somewhere--a public floor or a park bench, for instance? Too many times to count? Since I was first contacted by the folks at WraPurse, I've been amazed how many times I found myself saying: "Do you really want to put your purse there?" In just the past week, I've avoided putting my handbag on a public bathroom floor, when the stall had no hook; a movie theater floor, sticky with soda and popcorn butter; and the stadium floor at a summer concert. In the past, my only solution in those situation was to keep the purse in my lap or on my shoulder--not great options. With WraPurse, a convenient, protective covering for the bottom of a handbag (see photo above), I can put a purse on most surfaces without fear of ruining it.

Right now, WraPurse creator Cyndi Heap is running a campaign to generate funding so she can establish her product's brand as well as give back to a worthy cause.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Eastern Inspiration: The Costume Institute Exhibit at the Met

I finally stopped by China: Through the Looking Glass, this summer’s Costume Institute exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. The exhibit explores Chinese culture’s influence on fashions—in the East and in the West—over the centuries. Over 140 garments, many created by well-known designers like Yves Saint Laurent and Marc Jacobs, are displayed in rooms on three floors. To emphasize the connection between culture and fashion, the garments are juxtaposed with Chinese paintings, films, porcelains and other objects. Don't you love the influence of Chinese porcelain on the garments above and below?

Although photography is allowed in the exhibition, the room lighting is often dimmed for dramatic effect. Nevertheless, I took a few snapshots to share with readers who may not be able to attend this wonderful exhibit.