Sunday, May 10, 2015

Style Over 50: 9 Things To Look for When Buying a Dress

I recently added a  new draped dress to my spring wardrobe (photo, above). I'm a big fan of draped dresses for women over 50, so I was drawn to this dress, a Lauren By Ralph Lauren design. Upon closer inspection, though, I realized this dress embodies just about everything I look for in a new dress. Naturally, I grabbed it.

How do I measure the value of a dress? Let me share the 9 ways. I look for...

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Design-Your-Own Clothes: Shopping Just Got Easier!

When you shop, either in stores or online, are you frustrated by what you find--or, perhaps, don't find? Are the dresses too short or ill-fitting? Do you wish they had sleeves or a higher or lower neckline? Do you find a skirt you like, but hate its  pockets?

What if there was a site where you could choose the length of the sleeves or hem, or design other elements to create a garment that flatters you? Well, there is! The folks a eShakti are committed to providing affordable, custom-made fashion to make women who wear sizes 0-36 look their very best. Recently, the company invited me to customize a garment and share the experience with Flattering50 readers. And be sure to scroll down for eShakti's special offer for Flattering50 readers!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Still Learning: 'Unavailable' Online May Be Only Temporary

If you shop online, you've probably had the experience of finding something you really like,  only to discover when you try to purchase it that it isn't available in the size or color you want. In such cases, I have always assumed that "unavailable" meant, well, unavailable.  However, a recent shopping experience has taught me that "unavailable" online today may be "available" online tomorrow.