Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New York's Empire State Building puts on a light show on New Year's Eve

~ Susan

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Shoe Shopping: Anything but Black, please!

Exhibit A: My humble fall/winter shoe collection. Notice a pattern? I thought a visual was the easiest way to sum up my attachment to black, ho-hum footwear. An astute Flattering50 reader saw the pattern just by reading past posts. She left a comment, challenging me to "spice up" my shoe collection. I welcomed the challenge. Little did I know, however, just how challenging it would be! I'm still hunting, but I thought I'd share my first attempt. Hint: My new pair of shoes is pictured above and isn't black.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Style Over 50: Plaid Déjà Vu

Recently, my husband and I attended a bowling birthday party for a friend who was turning 60. Shortly after arriving at Bowlmor in Greenwich Village, I noticed that other than my husband, a girlfriend and me, everyone—male and female—was wearing a plaid flannel shirt. Apparently, the style staple among Brooklyn hipsters had become a must-have for all New Yorkers, including over 50 hipsters. Since then, I've seen colorful plaid coats, shirts, skirts as well as handbags and shoes. No longer is the Burberry plaid the only plaid in town (thank goodness!). Lately, I've been dabbling in plaid. I must admit I’m enjoying the trip down plaid memory lane. The last time I wore a plaid flannel shirt was in college and the last time I wore a plaid skirt (like the kilt above) was in middle school or younger. For this post, I’m sharing a few styling ideas I’ve had since embarking on my plaid déjà vu.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Style Over 50: Sweaters with Leather Accents

Leather-trimmed sweater for women over 50

I’m a sweater collector. It’s been a necessity, more than a style choice: I live in the Northeast and I hate being cold. (Though, I do appreciate having lots of sweaters to mix and match with separates.) As a sweater lover, I’m always on the lookout for a new style. One of my favorite trends this season for women over 50 has been the sweaters and jackets with leather accents. I recently added the Ann Taylor Collegiate Sweater Jacket (above) (was $129, now $99 with additional 50% off right now.) to my sweater collection. It’s styled like a jacket, but the lightweight tweed knit feels more like a sweater.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Jumpsuits Over 50: Ring in the New Year in Comfort and Style

In the past few weeks, while doing my holiday shopping online, I’ve come across several well-priced jumpsuits. These jumpsuits are not your airplane mechanic’s jumpsuits, nor the one-piece garments you might have seen Devo wearing on MTV in the '80s. Hardly! This season’s jumpsuits are soft, feminine garments designed for women of all ages. Black jumpsuits with feminine accents, like the lace in the Topshop Glitter Lace Jumpsuit ($96) above, are perfect for evenings out on the town.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Holiday Gifts Under $60: ‘Tis the Sparkle Season

crystal-studded iPhone accessories

There’s something about re-living all my favorite holiday traditions that brings out the girl in me and makes my spirits bright. Is that the reason I have such a craving for all things glittery, shiny, twinkly and sparkly at this time of year? Or is it because everywhere I look I see sequin, rhinestone, jewels, and metal accents? Just this week, I gave an over 50 girlfriend a set of iPhone 4s accessories studded with pink crystals for her birthday (above) ($45) (there's a purple set for the iPhone 5). I couldn't stop giggling as I wrapped it. Have I lost my mind? It's at least debatable. For now, I submit for your review some of favorite shiny and sparkly accessories under $60 for you or for an over 50 girlfriend.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Holiday Gift Idea: Designer Scarves Under $100

Diane von Furstenberg Braden Scarf

I feel fortunate to have some wonderful women in my life, including two sisters, two nieces, my son’s girlfriend, several close work colleagues and some pretty special girlfriends. Naturally, I’m looking for special holiday gifts to show how much I appreciate them. I’ve been poking around the web since early November, looking for inspiration. The first gift idea I considered was a scarf. I know, I know--not the most original gift. Still, a scarf is a great wardrobe pick-me-up. During my online search, I came across a Diane von Furstenberg Braden Scarf  (was $185, now $92.50) (above) at shopbop.com. A DVF scarf for under $100? Who knew? I got pretty excited and started looking elsewhere. And guess what? I found other designer scarves for under $100.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Style Over 50: Fashions That Feel Good and Do Good

Years ago, a girlfriend gave me a Christmas card that announced she'd donated a goat to a community in my name. It warmed my heart to know the gift I received had helped others. Recently, the folks at Market Place, an organization dedicated to providing economic opportunities to low-income women in India, contacted me to see if I'd like to review one of their garments. "Absolutely," I said. With the holiday season--a time for counting one's blessing and helping those less fortunate--upon us, I welcomed the chance to learn more about a fair-trade, non-profit organization that creates flattering fashions for women over 50 and helps ours.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Dressing for the Holidays: Skirt Solutions for Women Over 50

Lace Blouse and Skirt for Women Over 50

The holiday season kicks off with Thanksgiving in less than a week. As usual, I’m looking forward to all the festivities, especially the opportunity to spend time with family and friends. There is, of course, the question of what to wear. Being a practical gal, I have no shortage of work clothes in my closet, but relatively few party clothes. So…at this time of year, with multiple holiday get-togethers on the horizon, I’m looking for ways I can “fudge” festive looks with the tops and skirts in my closet. For those women over 50 who are shopping for a holiday skirt, scroll down. I've included a few links to fun, holiday skirts for women over 50.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Still Learning: What's Up with the Mustaches?

Whenever I write a "Still Learning" post, I wonder if my readers, much like the people in the recent Geico ad campaign, are thinking: "Everyone knows that!" Still, I push on, hoping the information presented might be new or helpful to someone or that someone will leave a comment with additional information to edify me. The topic for this "Still Learning" is Movember. You may wonder why I've chosen a topic that is really about men for a Flattering50 post. Well, as I recently learned, Movember is a campaign for a good cause. And I believe doing something good for others is always flattering.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Style Over 50: 'Tis the Season for Warming Silk

cowl hood for women over 40

Editor’s note: This is a sponsored post. The folks at WinterSilks recently asked me to choose a few pieces from their collection to review for Flattering50 readers. As the name suggests, WinterSilks features an extensive collection of natural silk dresses, silk cotton tops, silk wool sweaters, sleepwear and accessories designed especially to keep women warm in cooler weather.

With the holidays just around the corner, two things are on my mind: 1) gift shopping for family and friends and 2) what I will wear for all the holiday festivities. I was thrilled to see that WinterSilks had both needs covered. According to website, the company's founder got the idea for WinterSilks after discovering the warmth and comfort of silk long johns. Over the past 30 years, the mail order and online boutique has grown to include apparel and accessories in a wide range of silks and other fabrics that offer comfort, natural warmth and easy styling--just what this woman over 50 is looking for! With so many great-looking fashions for women over 40, I had a hard time choosing what to review. I chose a Silk Cotton Cowl Hood, Silk Wool Glovelette, and Wrinkle-Resistant Solid Blouse. For additional information about these products, click on the photos.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Footwear Over 50: Booties Made for Walking

Note to my tall boots: I still love you and expect to wear you as soon as the temps drop. However, until conditions turn frosty, I’m all about my booties. Of course, booties aren’t new to footwear fashion. I’ve got a pair of Nine West booties, circa 1990s, that I’ve been wearing every winter all these years. However, this fall the trendy ankle boot has taken on mammoth popularity. With many, many styles to choose from, there appears to be a bootie for just about every babe, including us over 50 babes.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Tops Over 40: New Styles, Colors, and Plus Sizes

Houndstooth top for women over 40

Editor’s note: This is a sponsored post written by Pauline Durban, president and founder of Covered Perfectly, a line of stylish, comfortable, well-priced tops for women over 40. Pauline, age 57, shared her story with Flattering50 readers a few months ago. Now, she’s writing to tell us about the new colors, styles and sizes recently added to her clothing line. Be sure to view the entire post to learn about Pauline's special offer for Flattering50 readers. To learn more about the tops shown, click on the photos. 

At this stage of their lives, women over 40 know what they want and they want to look great. However, the fashion industry continues to provide very few options for them, despite the fact they make up a huge percentage of the market's buyers. What is the industry thinking? I launched Covered Perfectly on May 5, 2013 to give women, just like me, what they want and deserve: Stylish tops that cover all the parts they don’t want to reveal. The response to my tops has been amazing and has inspired me to add new styles, colors and sizes to my collection.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wall Street Journal Recommends Blogs For Mature Women

My goodness, what a thrill! Today, the Wall Street Journal's Teri Agins mentioned Flattering50 in her article entitled, Jump Start a New Work Wardrobe. The article is about "must-have" items for a woman over 50 returning to the office. Terri mentioned Flattering50 as well as Chic At Any Age, Lady of Style and A Femme d'Un Certain Age I love these blogs, too!

If you're looking for ideas on how to dress for today's office, take a peek at Teri's article.

Monday, October 28, 2013

The White Blouse: Fashion’s Age Equalizer

white blouses for over 50 women

About white blouses, Designer Carolina Herrera, 74, has said: “They are my security blanket. They're very feminine, and when I'm getting dressed in the morning and can't decide what to wear, a white blouse always fits the bill…They're very flattering, because they light up one's face.” To this white blouse endorsement, I would add two more things. First, the white blouse doesn’t discriminate against age. It looks lovely on women of all ages. And, secondly, there is nothing ho-hum about a white blouse. Case in point: Uma Thurman, wearing a white blouse while dancing with John Travolta in Pulp Fiction. Or how about that frisky Elaine Stritch, who wore nothing but a white blouse and black stockings for her one-woman show in 2001? She was 76. For all these reasons, the white blouse is a must-have in this over 50 woman's closet.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Style Over 50: Great Graphics!

My friend Loretta just returned from Italy. I was dying to hear about her trip, so we met for a girl’s lunch out this week. Loretta arrived at the restaurant wearing a fabulous graphic sweater dress over slacks (above). Doesn’t she look stunning? Now before you scour this post, looking for the dress’s brand, I’ll tell you: the sweater dress was bought at a Florence boutique. I know: Ugh! Still, I wanted to share it with you because it shows how flattering graphic prints are on women over 50.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Style Over 50: It's a Scarf World

Editor's Note: Katy was the winner of the Feminine Transitions e-book giveway. Congratulations, Katy!

This over 50 style watcher gets a kick out finding scarves for sale in unexpected places. It's not surprising, considering what a "hot trend" scarves are these days. Still, it makes me laugh.  Recently, my husband and I stopped by a vineyard (below) on the North Fork of Long Island, the East Coast's wine country, and found lovely French-import scarves for sale. Needless to say, my husband and I came for the rosé, but I left with two new scarves.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

‘Tis the Season to Promote Your Designs on Flattering50

Is it too soon to talk about the holiday season? I was in the local “5 and 10” store and there was an aisle stuffed with Christmas/Hanukkah decorations right next to the Halloween aisle. A little strange, yes? Still, it reminded me that it was time to post my annual offer to promote small designers over 40 at the holiday season on Flattering50. Are you or someone you know an over 40 designers of clothing, jewelry, hats, handbags or some other garment or accessory? If so, read on.

Once again, I am inviting woman over 40 who design clothing and/or accessories to share their artistry with Flattering50 readers who are looking for holiday gifts for sisters, daughters, girlfriend, coworkers and other females in their lives. Over the next month, I will publish a post about each designer and her collection. The post will include a link back to the designer’s website to learn more and shop. I'll also give a "shout out" on Flattering50's Facebook page. This is free publicity with no strings attached. In the season of giving, it’s my way of showing appreciation for women over 40 who create.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fashion Over 50: The Security Sweater

Long lavender sweater for women over 50

Is there a garment more "all American" than jeans? Off the top of my head, I can't think of one. And yet, after turning 50, I started wearing jeans less and less. Being short, I've never found the loose-fitting jeans very flattering. And being old-er, I felt uncomfortable wearing jeans that were form-fitting. In recent months, however, two things have got me thinking differently about jeans. First, in a recent interview, Iris Apfel, 92, said she lives in jeans during the daylight hours. And though she is taller and slimmer than I am, I thought: "If jeans are good enough for Iris, they're good enough for me." And secondly, I'm feeling very comfortable in this season's ultra-lightweight long cardigan and jeans. Here's how I'm styling my jeans with long cardigans. And for a few shopping sources for longer sweaters, scroll down.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Smart, Stylish Reading Glasses For Women Over 50

stylish reading glasses for women over 50

Do you remember the first sign of aging you couldn’t ignore? Mine was the necessity for reading glasses. I was in my youthful mid-40s and I could no longer read menus at candlelit tables. Fast-forward a decade and wearing reading glasses seems as natural as wearing shoes. Over the years, I've enjoyed wearing glasses in  a wide variety of styles and colors. So...when the folks at Corinne McCormack asked me to try a pair of readers from the designer’s Fall/Holiday 2013 collection, I said, "yes, please."

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Styling Jeans Over 50

jeans shirt over 50

Editor's Note: Oops! I just realized I never announced the winner of Flattering50's last Giveaway. Kathleen O. was the winner of a pair of Coldwater Creek jeans of her choice. She choose the knit jeans. Congratulations Kathleen!

What to do about fickle fall? Two weeks ago, there was a 30+ degree drop in temperature—mid-80s F down to high-40s F. I was away at the time, doing my annual father-daughter vacation on Cape Cod. It’s bad enough trying to navigate freaky fall weather at home with my entire wardrobe at my disposal, but with only a suitcase on the Cape, I had to be creative. Those skirts and sandals I'd packed, assuming the average temps would be in the 70s F—were not going to cut it. Fortunately, I had also packed jeans. Here’s some of the ways I styled my jeans on vacation and now that I'm back at home.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Still Learning: Time to Hit the "Pause" on "Fast Fashion"?

More and more, I'm hearing over 50 women say, "I'm shopping my closet," putting together a new outfit with what they've got rather than running out to buy something new. No doubt, their reasons for this vary greatly. There might be a financial reason--lost income since 2007, or the need to curtail fashion spending to pay off their kids' college bills. Or perhaps, like my over 50 girlfriend, some women don't want to buy anything new until they drop a few of those postmenopausal pounds. Recently, I discovered a video, entitled The Business of Fast Fashion, that gives another great reason for buying less and "shopping one's closet" more: It's good for the environment. In just under 2 minutes, the video by MBA shows how buying lots of disposable clothing, known as "Fast Fashion," impacts our planet and more. Here, take a peek...

Created by OnlineMBA.com

What do you think?

It might seem strange for an over 50 style watcher like myself to advocate for hitting the "pause" on fashion spending, particularly "fast fashion." In my mind, however, being stylish and buying less aren’t mutually exclusive. In fact, some of the most stylish over 50 women I know have very modest wardrobes.

Vivienne Westwood says, "By less, choose well, and mix it all." For me, styling over 50 has become as simple as that. Last winter, I made a conscious decision to start “shopping my closet” and share the result in my “New Day/New Outfit” project. While I have faltered now and then, falling back on outfits styled in the same way, the project has made me aware of the endless combinations of separates and accessories I can create without buying lots of new stuff. It's also made me a smarter shopper; I'm buying less, choosing more well-made pieces, and mixing like mad. After watching The Business of Fast Fashion, I feel even more determined to scale back because of the benefits to our planet, our children and grandchildren's future home.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Early Fall Colors: Black, Grey and White

Last Friday, I attended the opening reception of a new exhibition of photographs by Gosta Peterson, one of my favorite fashion photographers. It was a crisp, clear New York evening and most woman on the city's streets were dressed for cooler weather. In general, frocks and sandals in this summer's hot pink and sassy citrus colors gave way to knit dresses and separates in black, white or grey. 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

US Tennis Open: Spectator Style

spectator style at the US Open

Turning the calendar page to September is always a little bittersweet. For some reason--perhaps, because the beach and water are so relaxing--I'm always a little sad to see the season nearing its end. There's one thing, however, that keeps my spirits up: The US Open. As a lifelong amateur tennis player (hacker?), I’m lucky to have the international event in my backyard (25 minutes by train). Each year, I go with a small group of family and friends to watch some of the world’s greatest athletes and, of course, to people watch.

I think it's safe to say that looking glamorous for a day of tennis-watching in the heat and humidity is not the primary objective for most US Open spectators. Instead, comfortable clothing--hats, short-sleeves, and shorts or capris--is de rigeuer. Even those who sipped "the bubbly," cooling off under canopies, were dressed pretty low-key...

US Open Tennis

Monday, September 2, 2013

Flattering50 Giveaway: E-book on Feminine Transitions

Editor's Note: This Giveaway has ended. Thanks to all those who entered!

It's that time of year again when fashion magazines produce September issues with hundreds of pages displaying Photoshopped young women in the latest fashions. As someone who loves clothing design and style, I look forward to flipping through an issue or two at the beach in August, looking for new fall fashion ideas. Two weeks ago, I sat with my toes in the water, looking at the thickest issue of them all. (You know which one I mean.)  While I saw a number of fashions I think might be perfect on over 50 women, I honestly don't remember a single face of any of the models. Their chiseled cheekbones and flawless complexions just disappeared into the glossy pages, leaving no impression on me.

Soon after, I received an advanced copy of Feminine Transitions: A Photographic Celebration of Natural Beauty by author and photographer Alyscia Cunningham (A&C Books). The book is a collection of full-pages photographs of female subjects, from age 7 weeks to 103, photographed without makeup or accessories of any kind. These are honest, memorable portraits of women in their natural state. They depict the character and beauty of women at every stage of aging. Each portrait is accompanied by a lovely, inspiring reflection by the subject. Yesterday, I posted a review of Feminine Transitions. Now, the folks at A&C Books would like to give an e-Book copy of Feminine Transitions to a Flattering50 reader.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Book Review: Feminine Transitions

Editor's Note: The folks at A&C Books would like to give a Flattering50 reader an e-book copy of Feminine Transitions. For details, visit Flattering50's e-Book Giveaway

Ask women to pose for a photograph without makeup and chances are some will refuse. That’s what author and photographer Alyscia Cunningham found when she asked women to pose bare-faced for her new book, Feminine Transitions: A Photographic Celebration of Natural Beauty (A&C Books). “My intent was not to cause any discomfort,” writes Alyscia, who’s done work for the National Geographic, Discovery Channel and Smithsonian Institute, in the book’s introduction. “I simple wanted to create a celebration of womanhood in their natural state.” Interestingly, she found that women in their late 40s, 50s and 60s were most likely to refuse to be photographed without makeup, wigs or other accessories.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Over 50 and Fashion-Frustrated? Blogger Wants to Unite Us

Artwork by Anne M. Bray

Calling all bloggers who are either disabled, middle-aged, plus-sized or any combination of the three! If you and your readers feel marginalized by the Fashion Industry, Alicia at Spashionista would like to hear from you. Alicia, who writes about the "trials and tribulations" being an over 50 fashionista with Cerebral Palsy, is currently developing a roster of bloggers. In her recent post entitled “Roll Model,” Alicia expresses her hope that the new roster will be the first step towards uniting bloggers and readers who wish to form a collective voice for “lasting social acceptance and inclusion.”

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ronen Chen Sweater: Stylish, Comfort and Versatile

soft cardigan for women over 50

These days, I love poking around boutiques and designer shops, either on the street or online, looking for unique garments and accessories that are comfortable, stylish and flattering. I’m not interested in anything too outrageous, mind you. My preference is for well-made clothing with subtle, yet original styling. So…when the folks at Ronen Chen asked me if I’d like to review a piece from the designer’s fall 2013 collection, I said: “Yes, please.” Ronen Chen’s fall collection features flowing, minimalistic dresses and separates in rich colors and soft fabrics—just the sort of fall fashions this over 50 woman is looking for.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New Day/New Outfit: Summer Plaid

plaid sundress for women over 50

Where do your style ideas come from?

I was thinking about this question last week as I wandered through this year’s fashion exhibit, PUNK: Chaos to Couture, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Believe it or not, my inspiration comes as much from art exhibits as it does from the New York streets. But then, I'm a museum junky. I often see something--a painting's gorgeous color, the subject of a black and white photograph, or, perhaps, a cultural or historical detail in an ancient object--that thrills me. It's not that I'm dying to replicate the thing, but rather that I feel it could influence my style on some level. Not surprisingly, over the years, the Met's annual fashion exhibit has often sparked style ideas. Case in point: The plaid fashions in this year's Punk exhibit. It's the inspiration behind today's New Day/New Outfit (above).

Sunday, August 18, 2013


stylish tops for women over 50
Pauline models her Draped Front top.

Editor’s note: This is a sponsored post written by Pauline Durban (above), who has created a line of tops for women over 40. Pauline, age 57, shares her story, from businesswoman to designer. She also tells us about her collection of stylish, comfortable tops at Covered Perfectly. Be sure to read the entire post to learn about her special offer for Flattering50 readers. To learn more about the tops shown, click on the photos.

“Why won’t fashion designers create clothing for us!”

Perhaps, you’ve said this or heard other women over 50 say it. If so, I know the feeling. Not long ago, I was frustrated with the things in my closet. My clothes either had sleeves that showed parts of my arms I wanted to keep hidden or they weren’t long enough to cover my tummy. There was nothing in my closet that made me feel good about my body. No one seemed to be designing fashions with me in mind.

After sharing my frustration with friends and finding out they had similar issues, I decided to take matters into my own hands and start designing. My background is in business, so designing was definitely a midlife reinvention!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Flattering50 Giveaway: Coldwater Creek Fall Jeans

Editor's note: This Giveaway has now ended. Please look for future Flattering50 Giveaways at Flattering50.com

Are you ready for some fall jeans?

Coldwater Creek recently invited me to try a pair of its new fall jeans (see my post entitled Coldwater Creek's Jeans: Great Style, Fit and Comfort.) I've been wearing my new jeans for almost a week now and I truly love them. The simple jean styling is just right for this over 50 woman. I love the fit and the way they feel--very comfortable all over. I know I'm going to be wearing them a lot this fall. But...you don't have to take my word for it. Coldwater Creek would like to give a Flattering50 reader a pair of new fall jeans, too!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Coldwater Creek's Jeans: Great Style, Fit and Comfort

This past week, my girlfriend Loretta and I visited the Coldwater Creek's store in Manhattan to view the fall jeans collection. The clothing company asked me to take a peek at the collection and share my thoughts with Flattering50 readers. My girlfriend and I got to try on the new jean styles and pick a pair to take home. The fall jeans collection includes several different styles in a wide choice of colors. Though Loretta and I have very different body shapes, we both found jeans that were perfect for us. They're well-made, a great fit and really comfortable. I'm especially pleased with my jeans because it's been a long time since I owned a pair of jeans that fit well. 

Friday, August 9, 2013

Foxcroft Celebrates 25 Years of Well-Priced Women's Tops

This week I had the pleasure of attending the 25th anniversary celebration of Foxcroft, a clothing company known for its well-priced women’s tops. As a style reporter, I appreciated the opportunity to "touch base" with Foxcroft, whose designs seem tailor-made for the over 50 woman. The event also gave me an opportunity to meet other bloggers writing for women of a certain age.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Project Notes: Flattering50's New Look

I want to alert those of you who follow Flattering50 that my blog now has a new address: www.Flattering50.com. A few months ago, I made a few minor changes to the site's appearance. Making the transition to a .com seemed like the next logical step.

I was lucky to have a few people helping me with the re-design and the URL change, including my most excellent husband. I also wish to thank Pam at over50feeling40 who helped me get the process started with lots of encouragement and great tips. Big, BIG thanks, Pam!

Please let me know if you're experiencing any problems with the new .com address, such as leaving comments, searching, and/or using the navigation bar. You can reach me by clicking on "Contact" above. Many Thanks!

I’ve been very busy this past week (I will be posting about it shortly) and never had a chance to share one final photo taken on my Vail trip. As I mentioned in my series of Vail posts, my husband and I  traveled with just carry-on. In addition to my one piece of carry-on luggage, I traveled with a cotton canvas backpack. The backpack had a dual purpose: extra storage for the flight and a daypack for sight-seeing or so forth. (For evenings, I had packed a small black knit bag.)

I have to admit it took some exact organizing to fit everything in two carry-on bags. I assumed my only reward would be the ability to breeze out of the Denver and New York airports. But there was another benefit. While waiting for our flight back to New York, my husband and I ate at an airport restaurant. Our table overlooked the tarmac. In the middle of our meal, a terminal vehicle drove by, pulling a trailer piled with luggage. I snapped a photo (above) when it was clear the vehicle's driver was unaware he'd left a suitcase on the tarmac. Such a sad sight; I felt so sorry for the suitcase's owner. It was a relief, though, to know it wasn’t my luggage.

Happy August!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

New Day/New Outfit: A Flattering Neckline For Women Over 50

If you've been reading this blog, you know I don’t like to tell women over 50 what they shouldn’t wear anymore. That’s a very slippery slope since women over 50 vary tremendously. So…instead, I like to focus on the positive, sharing fashions and styles that I see working well for women over 50. One style I consistently love the look of on over 50 women is the top with an open neckline across the shoulders. This includes the classic boat-neck as well as wider necklines. While on vacation in Vail, I bought a wide neck sweater (above). I’d packed a lightweight cardigan and jean jacket, but that wasn’t always enough to keep me warm on the cool, wet Colorado nights. The wide neck sweater was perfect—warm enough and nice enough for evenings out in Vail.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Summer Vacationers: To Pack Light, Pack White

Planning a vacation any time soon? Want to pack as lightly as possible for the trip? My advice to women over 50 traveling in summertime is simple: Pack white. Is there a more versatile color in summer? I don’t think so. Here in Vail, Colorado, where my husband and I are currently on vacation, I’ve seen over 50 women in head-to-toe white, in black and white, in white by day and white by night. For casual summer evenings, a black and white look, like the woman above, is so simple, yet sophisticated.

This is the third post on what I packed for my mountain vacation (for more, see Packing for Summer Vacation in the Mountains and Mountain Casual: Summer Style at 8,000 Feet) and what I saw other women wearing. For this installment, I'm focusing on what to wear in the evening. The answer: White!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Mountain Casual: Summer Style At 8,000 Feet

I'm happy to report my husband and I are having a fab vacation in Vail, Colorado. The town of Vail is like an international fairyland. The architecture is a playful mix of buildings inspired (or so it seems to this reporter) by the classic Swiss chalet and homes along Amsterdam’s canals. In addition, everywhere you turn, you hear someone speaking with a European accent.

In my last post, Packing for A Summer Vacation in the Mountains, I shared the garments and accessories I packed for Vail. I focused on the items I chose for our planned outdoor mountain activities. For this second installment, I'm focusing on the garments I included for more leisurely activities--shopping, sight-seeing and restaurant going--as well as what I saw other women wearing.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Packing for a Summer Vacation in the Mountains

Greetings from Vail, Colorado! My husband and I slipped away for a little R+R this week. Have you been to Colorado? It's my first time and I’m absolutely awe-struck by the majestic mountains and the super-friendly people. I know I'm not in New York anymore! In fact, it almost feels like a different planet—and not just because of the altitude!

Whenever I travel to a new place, I wonder: What will the over 50 women be wearing there? How should I pack? A while back, a Flattering50 reader asked me to do a post on packing for a beach vacation. I've taken at least one beach vacation every year all my life, so that post was a snap. I've also taken a fair number of ski trips. But I've never taken a summer vacation in the mountains. So...this is the first post in a series on what I packed for our mountain vacation and what I saw other women wearing on their vacation. For this first installment, I'll focus on mountain style in the daytime.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Designer Sunglasses For Less That You Can Virtually 'Try On'

Editor's Note: This post is a product review of designer sunglasses by SmartBuyGlasses.

Do you have a favorite “age defying” product? I’ve lost track of the number of supposed wrinkle-reducing, eyes-brightening, skin-illuminating, hair-smoothing products I’ve tried since turning 50. Suffice it to say, I’ve tried a lot. At this point, my favorite “age defying” product is one I’ve been wearing since college: Sunglasses. I’ve yet to discover a more effective or faster way to conceal the pesky effects of aging and sleeplessness on my eyes than with a pair of dark shades. So…when the folks at SmartBuyGlasses asked if I’d like to review a pair of their designer sunglasses, I said, “Yes, please!” The online company offers designer sunglasses for up to 60% off their original prices.

A few days ago, I received a pair of Marc By Marc Jacobs sunglasses from SmartBuyGlasses (photo above) and can’t get enough of them. That’s me in my dad’s front yard, on the way out with the family to celebrate dad’s 88th birthday!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

New Day/New Outfit: The Longer Short Sleeves

By now, I figure anyone following Flattering50 knows how ga-ga I am for 3/4 sleeve tops. (See my recent post entitled Arms Over 50: The 3/4 Sleeve Solution for details.) I'm not, however, suggesting that all over 50 women should burn the sleeveless garments in their closet--as some style pundits insist. Heavens, no!! (I'm actually pretty down on style pundits who tell us what we can't wear now that we're over 50.) There are plenty of over 50 arms that should celebrate their great limbs by flaunting them in sleeveless fashions. Unfortunately, I'm no longer a member of that particular club.So...this summer, I planned to rely on my 3/4 sleeve T-shirts, blouses and sweaters any time the temps dipped below 85. But this spring, I discovered a new sleeve length: The Longer Short Sleeve Top.