Friday, June 20, 2014

Happy National Flip Flop Day!

Tory Burch Thandie Wedge Flip Flops - Tory Navy/Stripe Poppy Red

Happy National Flip Flop Day! Who knew there was a holiday for flip flops? I certainly didn't. Somehow I doubt the holiday was enacted by Congress. Still, I appreciate the excuse to celebrate (and blog about) the ubiquitous summer footwear.

Here in New York, flip flops are huge among the twenty-something set, who wear them with everything from summer shifts to super short shorts (ugh!) on the city streets. While you won't catch me in hot pants (you didn't catch me in them during their first go-around in the early 70s), I do wear flip flops a lot with skirts and dresses. And, of course, on the beach.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Dresses Over 50: Summer Sleeves

Jones New York Jersey Zigzag Print Dress

It's inevitable: Whenever I post about sleeveless dresses, a Flattering50 reader writes that her sleeveless days are over. Perhaps, my sleeveless days should be over, but I'm hanging in there for one more summer. I shared my latest summer sleeveless dress in a recent post entitled Looking for the Right Dress After 50: Don't Fret. However, I also want to support those Flattering50 readers who've closed the door on sleeveless dresses.

This summer, there seem to be more dresses with sleeves, especially the longer short sleeves, than in previous years. The Jones New York Jersey Zigzag Print Dress above is a perfect example. Could it be the fashion industry is responding to the over 50 woman's need for sleeves? Wouldn't that be nice! 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Looking for the Right Dress After 50? Don't Fret

Dresses for Women over 50

Editor's Note: This post is about defining age appropriate and how I used my definition of age appropriate to choose a new dress (above). For women over 50 looking for dresses with sleeves, my post entitled Top 10 Dress Styles for Women Over 50 includes dress ideas with a variety of sleeve lengths.

Since starting this blog, I’ve received many, many comments and emails from over 50 women who, like me, are trying to figure out fashion after age 50—what’s age appropriate. Anyone who knows me well knows I’m not one to tell other women what they should and shouldn’t wear. I won't play that game. I've seen too many instances where over 50 women look fabulous in things the fashion pundits say they should never wear. Now that I’ve had some time to experiment with dressing after 50, I've decided it may not be that complicated. My current attitude about age appropriateness: Age is not the important thing. Appropriate fashions for the woman over 50 are clothing and accessories that make her look and feel her best. Period.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Fake Bake: An Even, Natural-Looking Tan

When I had kids in school, the summer season never started before the end of June, when the schools let out for summer break. Now, with my boys out of school, the summer season kicks off a month earlier—over Memorial Day weekend. This holiday weekend, my husband and I entertained a few close couples at the beach house on Long Island's east end. As usual, the water was too chilly for swimming (though we saw some intrepid tykes splashing about). However, my over 50 girlfriends and I were determined to celebrate the holiday in summery Capris, sun skirts and flip-flops. Several days before the weekend, I prepped for the beach by trying Fake Bake, a self-tanning lotion. This past week, I used the product again in preparation for a beach weekend visit with my dad, sisters and their families on the Connecticut shore. Here's my review of Fake Bake.