Sunday, September 19, 2010

Post-Labor Day Fashion

I don’t know any over 50 woman who takes the “no white after Labor Day” rule seriously. (In fact, winter white is a trendy color once again this year.) What I do take seriously, though, is my desire to change up what I’ve been wearing for the past three or four months. After Labor Day, I want to shed my summery skirts and tops. And yet, here in the Northeast, September temperatures are often in the 70s during the daytime—not exactly woolly weather. Since I don’t have the luxury of creating a wardrobe just for warm fall days, I look for transitional clothing that can be worn on warmer September days, but also worn into late fall-early winter, and perhaps, even winter with an additional layer or two.

When I was looking for info about “Eat, Pray, Love” for a previous blog, I stumbled upon an InStyle sideshow of Julia Roberts’ different costumes for the movie. (Click here to view.) Several of the outfits worn by the 43-year-old actress are perfect transitional fashions for the over 50 woman. Check out the white V-neck T-shirt with leather jacket and feminine, dangly necklace in Slide 2. Twenty-something women can get away with dressing in manly styles from head-to-toe, but women over 50 need to balance a masculine piece, like a leather jacket, with a feminine V-neck and delicate necklace. The cozy Michael Kors sweater on Slide 3 is another flattering look for us, as is the relaxed blazer over the printed scoop-neck shirt in Slide 6.

For this transitional season, I like to look for garments that aren't black. I know I'll be wearing a lot of black come winter, so try to avoid too much of it now. Gray and khaki are the hip colors this fall and are perfect for warmer fall weather. It may be cool enough for sweaters and jackets, but I choose lightweight ones. Below are a few online items that exemplify my head-to-toe transitional wardrobe strategy. Or, rather my neck-to-toe strategy, since it’s too warm for head gear. Click on any of the pictures for details from the online clothing manufacturer.

For rainy days and cooler evenings, lightweight trenches and anoraks are perfect.
From Max Studio...

TRENCH COAT-M-gray/ white

I’m a big fan of scarves for the over 50 woman, but I probably won’t be wearing any until cooler October. Instead, I’m wearing necklaces, like the Satya necklaces I showed in my last post. Another necklace I’m loving is the Portia’s Pearl Colored Necklace at the LL Bean Signature site. If the price tag is a little high, check out the necklaces at Jones New York (click promo box in left margin to view all Jones necklaces), all for under $60. Here are a couple pieces:
Jones New York Coin Wood Circles Two Row Long Necklace (brown)

Jones New York Stone Drop Necklace (Gold)

I’ve seen a few over 50 women wearing fashionable military-style garments and, frankly, I don't find them flattering at our age. Military is too masculine for us. On the other hand, the trendy Safari styling works for over 50 and is perfect for this time of year. For instance, check out the Sleeveless Notched Collar Belted Dress by Michael of Michael Kors ($120) online at Macy’s.

Right now, I'm wearing a lot of sleeveless tops under lightweight sweaters. Bold jewel colors, like this purple sweater, are hot this fall. Hessnatur has a wide selection of all natural (cotton, silk, cashmere and natural blends) sweaters. The promo box in the left margin will take you straight to the online site.

The sweater dress (below) from Max Studio is a nice, comfortable transitional piece to pair with leggings or skinning pants.


Michael Star also has a nice selection of lightweight sweaters, like the ones below. Personally, I have a sweater like the one pictured first for weekends and a sweater like the one pictured below it for work.

Michael Stars 1x1 Slub Long Sleeve Pocket Cardigan

Michael Stars Slub 1x1 Long Sleeve Cardigan

I'd go crazy if I limited myself to shades of brown and gray for warm fall days. I also can't put brown and gray shades next to my complexion--they make me look washed out. So I'm looking at the trendy jewel colors--bold shades of blues, red and purple--this fall. And I might throw in some black, if the design is simple.

Jean skirts are ideal for mild September days and easy to pair with lightweight cotton shirts and sweaters. Here's one from Jones New York. But see my posting about jean skirts for lots more online sites. Or if you're tired of your jean skirt, you might want to try a Safari skirt like the one below it.
Jones New York Slim Denim Skirt (Denim)

At this time of year, I'm wearing anything I own that is open, including sandals with slight heels, mules and even slingback pumps with high heels. Many of the designers are showing clog-like shoes, which I also happen to have and love. Feet issues are common among my over 50 girlfriends. Luckily, I find if I rotate my shoes--mules one day, flats the next, high-heel pumps on Day 3--I seem to dodge most sore feet problems.