Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ms. Green Jeans

How many different color slacks and jeans do you own? My massive thighs preclude wearing anything but dark colors, so all my pants--dress slacks, cotton twills and jeans--are either black, navy, charcoal or chocolate. In fact, the last time I deviated from the standard dark colors was 1978, when I owned a pair of lovely Cerulean blue corduroy jeans. (Ah, the Seventies!) Needless to say, that’s a very long time to go without branching out. So I’m thrilled that designers are showing different shades of green slacks and jeans for Fall 2010.

This season’s green pants are a great way for women over 50 to look stylish without spending lots of money or going too fashion radical. And just to be clear: I'm not talking about Kelly or emerald green. I'd hate for any of us to look like an aging leprechaun. Instead, this fall's green pants come in muted shades with names like "safari green," "moss" and "smokegreen." While I would never recommend a trendy, masculine-looking military jacket for women over 50, I'm in love with stylish "military green" pants. Why? They're not black or navy. And the neutral shade makes it easy to match with a favorite top.

Here’s a sample of the green pants online.

Jones New York Straight Leg Twill Pant With Stretch (Green)
for $59.00.
Jones New York Straight Leg Twill Pant With Stretch (Green)

Also, take a look at... Vintage Twill Rome Straight Leg Pants in New Military Olive from Tommy Hilfiger for $98.00

Michael Kors Twill Cargo Pants in Dusty Sage at Saxs for $79.50.

Tall Stretch Twill Slim Cargo and Stretch Twill Slim Cargo pants in Safari Green at Anne Taylor Loft for $59.50.

Nordstrom has a great selection of green pants, including...
Not Your Daughter's Jeans® Straight Leg Sueded Denim Jeans in Moss for $108.00.

Worn Jeans 'Anna' Trousers in Greensmoke for $59.50.

Not Your Daughter's Jeans® Tummy Tuck® Corduroy Pants in Jade for $98.00.

Barneys New York has Vince Boyfriend Chinos in Olive for $195. There are other choices, if you want to spend more than $200 on green pants. Personally, I don't like green pants that much.

Looking for something with a smaller price tag? Target as Merona Super Utility Pants in Olive for $27.99.

And here's one last example...
Michael Stars Twill Classic Straight Leg Pant
(below) are available in "Army Green" for $128.00 at the online site of
Michael Stars Twill Classic Straight Leg Pant