Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Huff Post Launches Over 50 Site

Have you heard about the Huffington Post’s latest microsite, HuffPost/50? It’s directed at us—the over 50 set—and has Rita Wilson, 54, as its editor-at-large. Currently, the site has posts on a variety of over 50 issues, from news on health and lifestyle to over 50 celebrities and finance news. Post titles include:
  • “Our Bodies, Our Selves” turns 40
  • Arianna, Rita Wilson and Joy Behar Talk Sex After 50
  • 10 Tips for Bloggers Over 50
  • Are You Next In Line for Alzheimer’s Disease?
  • To Thine Own Self be True—And other Eternal Truths
  • How do You Make 90 a Better 90 for Our parents?
I’ve only had time to read a few of the posts. In her predictably upbeat welcoming post, Rita Wilson suggests that “our parents were winding down at middle age; we are winding up” and “for us, there's so much to do, so little time.” It looks like she’s drawn some criticism in the post’s comments from people who are over 50 and having a tough time. My feeling: Life is tough—we all have stories. But if you let it defeat you, what’s left?

I also checked out To Thine Own Self be True—And other Eternal Truths because it’s written by Christiane Amanpour. I saw Christiane speak at the More Magazine “Reinvention Convention” last fall and thought she was fabulous—smart, good humored, realistic. I like her rambling post, especially when she says, “Make sure to maintain the purpose and sense of mission. That is an eternal truth, but the older I get, the more urgent it becomes.” She's talking about her career, but it’s the philosophy that guides everything in my life. These days, an important mission for me is to slow down the “hands of time” by trying to make each day somehow a little unique. It’s usually not huge—the week before last, my parents and I took wine and cheese to the beach and watched the sunset; I can’t tell you the last time I did that—just something that will make that day a little more memorable, different from the day before.

Finally, I had to check out 10 Tips for Bloggers Over 50 by Carolyn Esply-Miller. Carolyn writes a lifestyle blog called Slim Paley. It has gorgeous photography—check it out. Unfortunately, if you’re an over 50 blogger looking for sage advice, you won’t find it in this “10 Tips” post. The post is very cute, but not particularly informative.


It's always nice to see new interest in over 50 women. I plan to bookmark this site and check in every so often to see what’s up.