Monday, March 26, 2012

Over 50 Style: Becoming a Juniors Explorer

Last week I had dinner with an over 50 girlfriend. It was an unseasonably warm night and we walked to a new Mexican restaurant in town. My girlfriend was in a new outfit--a dress over slim stretch crepe pants--and she allowed me to take a photo (above) of her as we strolled. She said that she'd been inspired by all the jersey dresses I've been wearing over jeggings this winter. When I asked her where she got the dress, she giggled. "Well, if you must know, I got it in the 'Juniors' department at Macy's." I think she thought I was going to tease her--which I've been known to do. But I assured her: "That's great!"

I often peek in the "Juniors" in department stores, looking for a top that might liven up a skirt or pair of slacks. My goal: to keep my outfits from looking too painfully conservative (which is a look I can easily slip into, if I'm not careful!!). The last thing I want to do is dress like a 20-something, but I think it's important to mix things up a bit. For me, fashion over 50 is about doing something that's not expected, a little unpredictable.

My friend choose a simple "Juniors" dress with a black and white print. The material was a very soft, thin flannel. We laughed at how short the dress was, but agreed it was the perfect length for a top. My girlfriend isn't crazy about slim, tapered jeans, so she chose a pair of stretch crepe slacks with a slight bell. She finished the look with simple, delicate jewelry and a feminine long sweater. Actually, she wore two thin sweaters, rather than a jacket. I thought she looked smashing!!

What do you think? Would you buy a Juniors dress or top?