Saturday, May 12, 2012

"Alarmed About Your Arms?" Giveaway Winners

I enjoyed reading everyone's response to my question, "Are You Alarmed About Your Arms?". Prior to that post, I'd received comments from women haranguing me for posting sleeveless tops and dresses. I was glad to see that not every over 50 woman feels the need to blacklist sleeveless.

Maybe it's because I live in a heavily populated area, but I find the aging process varies a lot among women over 50. The body parts that are wrinkling, sagging, bagging and so forth on one over 50 woman aren't necessarily the same wrinkling, sagging, bagging parts for another woman. Consequently, I don't think you can make hard and fast rules about over 50 women can and can't wear. Personally, I was never in love with my arms and these days there's less to love. But I've got "other fish to fry," like a sagging jawline. Ugh! So I don't spend a lot of time (yet) worrying about my arms. Like many of the post's respondents, I still wear sleeveless at home and in casual situations. For work or formal social situations, I tend to cover up, but mostly because I don't want to freeze in the air-conditioning. I realize my days of sleeveless are probably numbered. And I totally understand and sympathize with those of you who are already compelled to cover up all the time.

However...I still truly believe that a positive spirit and a flattering outfit can go an awfully long way to draw attention away from our little lumps and bumps, and sags and bags. When I'm with a woman I admire, I'm not studying her sleeveless arms or rippling neck or whatever. I like to think that other people aren't either.

Anyway. Here are the comments that were randomly drawn for the "Are You Alarmed About Your Arms?" Giveaway. Each winner received a $25 e-gift certificate. Thanks to everyone who participated and congratulations to the winners. The next Flattering50 Giveaway will be posted on Friday, June 8th. Read on for the winners' comments...

And the Giveaway Winners are...


I think it should be an individual choice of what you are comfortable with. If your arms are toned, you should be able to wear whatever you want. I'm 54 and have bat wings, I'm not comfortable in sleeveless in public, but if they were toned, I would.


Oh my arms are frightening. Growing up, I always said I would never let my arms look like my Mother's. Guess what they look like? My Mother's. Oh the horror! Over 60


I'm 55 and don't mind showing my bare arms. That's because they are not too fat or flabby yet. When they become less than tolerable, I may have to re-think the situation.

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