Thursday, July 26, 2012

"What's Your Swimsuit Strategy?" Giveaway Winners

In June, I asked Flattering50 readers to share their strategies for buying and wearing swimsuits. Those who left comments on the post Flattering50 Giveaway: What’s Your Swimsuit Strategy? were entered into a drawing for one of three $25 e-gift certificates. The post generated a bunch of great responses from women over 50--everything from "just avoid and deny" to tips on styles and colors that flatter the over 50 figure. To read all the comments, click on the original post's link above. To read the three posts that were randomly drawn and sent a $25 e-gift certificate, click read more below.


I love the tankini style. It lets me wear a sleek two piece suit (that lets me buy a separate size for top and bottom). I am short...nearly no torso, it seems...with wide hips. I do work out and have strong legs and arms so I like to show them off with a slinky suit, but I like that the tankini covers my slightly round belly. PS. I am not yet over 50 (not for a couple of months, anyhow), but I am preparing for this new phase in my fashion life (in which I plan to look better than ever!)

I shop at Land's End so I can buy separates with different sizing on the top and the bottom. I find their swimsuits made out of faille to be slimming. I especially like the faille skirt-like bottoms. I think they are feminine and attractive.

Betsy Horn
"A good defense is the best offense" describes my strategy. At over 60, I want a good tan from natural sunlight for the Vitamin D and to enhance my appearance in a bathing suit. I do prefer shopping in stores, preferably smaller discount stores (Steinmart is my current favorite) so I can get better swimwear for a lower price. I have a body shape (petite, short waist, and curvy) that doesn't always fit the sizes and with vanity sizing so prevalent, I want to try on before I buy because I don't have time to return and I barely have time to shop. I need uplift up top with a tight fit to show off my good curves (!) and coverage (a skirt) down below. I prefer bright colors that enhance my gray hair and fair skin, like bright blues and pinks. And, then, I just have to get out there and realize no one is looking at me!

As most of you probably know: July is the month for huge "End of Season" sales. If you haven't found a swimsuit you liked or think you'll need a new one for next year, take a peak at Swimsuits Over 50: Where to Shop. I've posted a handful of swimsuits on sale at Beall's online department store as well as links to links to a bunch of online stores with one-piece and tankini separates.