Sunday, September 27, 2015

Moisturizing Gloves Repair Hands Anywhere, Anytime

Editor’s Note: I was recently asked me to review a new product, James and Lourdes Moisturizing Gloves. The following is my review. 

Health and beauty experts tell women over 50 to moisturize year round. And sure, I’m devoted to daily facial moisturizing—even in summertime. My hands, however, are another story. Sadly, I tend to ignore my hands until they start to burn and itch. My problem: I never think to moisturize my hands when there's time for the hand lotion to be absorbed. Granted, tacky hands isn't a huge problem. However, it's been enough to squash anything close to daily hand moisturizing routine.

Over the summer, the folks at James and Lourdes contacted me with a possible solution: gloves that allow hand moisturizing anywhere, anytime. Unlike spa gloves, they told me, James and Lourdes moisturizing gloves are made from microfiber polyester yarn with a bit of stretch for use indoor or outdoor. The James and Lourdes folks suggested that summertime was the perfect time to start moisturizing, before the onset of cold weather. I liked the idea of being proactive and agreed to try the gloves.

The James and Lourdes moisturizing gloves are available in 3-finger and 5-finger styles as well as three sizes. I thought the 3-finger style, which leaves the tips of the thumb and pointer finger uncovered, sounded ideal, since most things in my world—cell phones, appliances, and car, to name a few—are operated with a push of a button by my pointer finger.

It was super easy to start using the gloves. I simply applied my own hand moisturizer and slipped on the gloves. I'm happy to report I've been using the moisturizing gloves faithfully while reading before bedtime for over a month. The gloves are comfortable and slip on/off easily. When it's time to clean them, I just toss them into the washing machine (the dryer isn't recommended). I've been a faithful hand moisturizer even when traveling, which I've done a lot in the past two months. The gloves come with a handy travel pouch. I also love knowing that if I forget my nighttime moisturizing routine, I can always moisturize the next day, while reading the paper or driving the car. The gloves' fabric and construction are durable and comfortable for any number of activities. I like having options!

The best part, though, is the difference the moisturizing gloves have made on my hands! After only a week's use, my hands felt softer and smoother. (It was quite clear that my hands, while better off than they are in winter, were quite rough and dry in August, despite the humidity.) For the first time ever, I’m not dreading winter's attack on my hands. Since my hands are well-moisturized now and they should stay moisturized—thanks to the moisturizing gloves—I’m confident they won't suffer from dry skin the way they have in the past. If like me, you've had trouble establishing a hand-moisturizing routine, I highly recommend these gloves. The gloves can be purchased online for $9.35 ($16.40 for two pairs). And be sure to start using them right away—before the first frost.