Sunday, August 30, 2015

Keep Your Favorite Purse Looking Great

Editor's Note: Flattering50 was recently invited to review Wrapurse, a new product that protects the bottom of a woman's handbag. The following is that review.

How many times have you hesitated to put your good handbag down somewhere--a public floor or a park bench, for instance? Too many times to count? Since I was first contacted by the folks at WraPurse, I've been amazed how many times I found myself saying: "Do you really want to put your purse there?" In just the past week, I've avoided putting my handbag on a public bathroom floor, when the stall had no hook; a movie theater floor, sticky with soda and popcorn butter; and the stadium floor at a summer concert. In the past, my only solution in those situation was to keep the purse in my lap or on my shoulder--not great options. With WraPurse, a convenient, protective covering for the bottom of a handbag (see photo above), I can put a purse on most surfaces without fear of ruining it.

Right now, WraPurse creator Cyndi Heap is running a campaign to generate funding so she can establish her product's brand as well as give back to a worthy cause.
Cyndi Heap, the mother of two active boys, got the idea for WraPurse after ruining good handbags on soccer fields and dirty sports bleachers. The WraPurse, which is reusable, slides over the bottom of a handbag or tote and is secured with a drawstring. It comes in different sizes for a secure fit on most handbags and is available in three colors--chestnut, merlot and midnight black. 

I only have a few really expensive handbags, but one is Gucci and its white. The purse is not new, but is in pretty good condition. The reason: Over the years, I've been very careful about where I take and where I put it down. I'm excited about WraPurse because it gives me peace of mind when I'm out and about with a handbag, especially an expensive one.

Using the site's size chart, I ordered a medium size WraPurse in chestnut brown (below). Most of my handbags are medium size, so I chose a WraPurse size I could use with all of them.

Wrapurse is designed to be used again and again. However, because it's made with a water-resistant material, it shouldn't be machine washed or even hand washed. After using my WraPurse, I wiped it down with a clean rag. Once dried, I returned it to its travel pouch.

The product is lightweight and compact, so it's no trouble to carry it in a handbag. It's also reasonable priced ($16-22, depending on the size) and can be purchased online at WraPurse. To learn more, check out Cyndi's video below.

What's better than giving back? Cyndi is currently running an Indiegogo campaign for WraPurse. Indiegogo is a website that helps people raise funds for creative, independent projects. You can become a backer of Cyndi's campaign by pledging money or simply posting the project's link online and on social media. In addition to using the funds to establish the WraPurse brand, Cyndi is planning to give a portion to charity. Cyndi, who has a son with special needs, plans to donate 10% of the funds raised to, one of the programs at the National Center for Learning Disabilities. To learn more about Cyndi's campaign for WraPurse and, visit HERE.