Thursday, April 8, 2010

...New York Cool

Kim Hasteiter, co-editor of Paper magazine, is featured on the front page of this week’s ThursdayStyles in the New York Times. The 58-year-old is known for her talent for spotting what's new in art, design and fashion as well as for throwing parties with guests from all “walks”—artists, designers, athletes, movie stars, cabaret characters and so forth. The NY Times reporter seems amazed that someone who remembers Madonna before 'Like A Virgin' is still breathing, much less a powerful figure in Manhattan's culture scene. Still, it was nice to see an woman over 50 being recognized for her contributions to art and culture and referred to as perhaps "the coolest person in New York." My favorite line in the article: "Community and creativity 'always trump shallowness and hype in the end,' Ms. Hasteiter added. 'I die for that.'” Very cool. For full story, go to Paper Magazine Editor is Powerful, but No Power Snob.