Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lovin' Lace

I’m crazy about all the garments with lace, mesh, and crocheted accents in the stores and online this season. These peek-a-boo accents are ultra-feminine without being too revealing, making them the ideal trend for over 50 women.

Lace and crocheting can cover up a multitude of aging hardships—less than perfect upper arms, shoulders, neck and chest—without giving the impression we’re anxious to hide all. The skin peeking through the garment shows that, yes, we're still living, breathing sexual creatures without suggesting we are desperate to prove it.

Depending on how the top, skirt or dress is styled, lace, mesh and crocheting can be elegant or playful, or both.

For more informal occasions, you might want to consider Michael Stars Sheer Supima V-Neck Yoke Applique Top (below), which comes in 7 different colors. Price: $58. For details, click the garment name or picture.

Michael Stars Sheer Supima V-Neck Yoke Applique Top