Saturday, February 18, 2012

Quick! Old Navy Jeggings On Sale

It's Presidents' Weekend and you know what that means: Sales, sales, and more sales!! So this morning, while sipping my coffee, I roamed the web and noticed that Old Navy has put its black Old Navy Womens The Rock Star Super-Skinny Denim Leggings on sale--were $34.94, now $19.00. Don't let the silly name put you off. I bought two pairs of these jeggings this season and I'm practically living in them--especially the black ones (pictured above). I love them because they're...
  • Super soft and comfortable. The waistband is at my hips. (I'm so done with anything attacking my waist.) I wear them over dresses, so hip-hugging isn't a problem. And they're stretchy, so even though they're "super-skinny jeans," they aren't confining.
  • A great alternative to tights. I can toss them in the washing machine, so it gives me a break from all the hand washing I do with tights. They're much warmer than tights on icy days. And I don't have to worry about runs.
  • Flattering. My calves, which are average at best, look thinner in jeggings than in leggings. When I wear leggings, my legs look like a thicker version of me in tights. But jeggings make my legs look thinner than they usually do in pants. Does that make sense?

At posting time, the jeggings were available in all sizes, including Tall and Petite sizes. I bought the Old Navy jeggings in one size bigger than I usually do for pants. I don't have the greatest legs (to say the least) and, despite the jegging's stretchiness, I thought I'd be more comfortable with a little extra room. Plus, they are cotton, so I was worried about shrinkage. So far, no signs of shrinkage. If you'd like to check them out, click on the photo below. It will take you directly to the page. You'll find other colors (I also love my dark denim ones), which have a reduced price.

Old Navy Womens The Rock Star Super-Skinny Denim Leggings