Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Web stops: TDF Dresses, Stylish 50+, more

I love to lounge. I know people who are constantly on the run, but not me. I need time to kick back, recharge. My favorite lounge time activities are reading a book or magazine, exploring the web, or maybe, watching a movie. Before heading out for a Super Bowl party (Yeah, Giants!) on Sunday, I had time for a little lounging plus web exploring. Here are three web stops I made. It’s a rather eclectic trio, meant to awe, inspire and make you laugh out loud…

It’s hard to think of fashion as art when I’m throwing on jeans and a T-shirt to do yard work. But I have to admit I feel a sense of awe when I see a woman in a wonderful outfit (either beautifully made or creatively styled or both) that is very close to the awe I feel when gazing at, say, an artwork by C├ęzanne. For this reason, I love the annual exhibits at the Costume Institute at the Met (this year Prada!) as well as the exhibits at the Fashion Institute of Technology, one the Big Apple’s secret treasures. If you love to look at beautiful clothes as much as I do, take a peek at OMG that dress!. This "blog for fashion and history” posts the most beautiful dresses from different periods in history, one more lovely than the next. I’ve bookmarked the page. When I’m looking for a quick fix of creative inspiration, I click on and drool. Enjoy!

Blogger Jonathan Daniel Pryce recently wrote about Varda Ducovny, an author and psychologist of a certain age living in Paris. In Superior Interior, Behind the Street Style: Varda Ducovny, on the blog AnotherGarcon, Mr. Pryce says he admires Ms. Ducovny’s sense of style as well as her wonderful gift for storytelling. His post offers a lovely portrait--told with words, photographs and even a short video (see below)--of Ms. Ducovny. He also shares some of her stories. I see a lot written about older women becoming invisible to society. But, perhaps, we’re only invisible to those who walk around with dulled sensibilities, their noses buried in their digital devices. If so, why should we care? Bravo to Jonathan for noticing and celebrating a woman with spirit and great stories!

And now for something not so high-minded...Do you have a Whole Foods supermarket in your area? If so, does it “get real” in the parking lot? Maybe you have to live in West LA or metro NY, but this video made my girlfriends and me howl.

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