Tuesday, December 4, 2012

NeriumAD: A Product Review

In October, Amy, a Nerium International product representative, emailed and asked me if I’d like to try NeriumAD, an anti-aging skin care product. Apparently, the night skin cream is formulated to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, skin texture, and aging or sun-damaged skin. Since all those pesky signs of aging plague my over 50 skin, I said, “Absolutely!” Click “Read More” below to learn the results of my 30-day trial.


I’d never heard of NeriumAD, so I went online to learn about the product. The product’s key ingredient is an extract from the Nerium oleander plant, according the Nerium International website. Apparently, the plant’s anti-aging benefit when applied to the skin was an accidental discovery. The product, which isn't available in stores, is distributed by product reps like Amy, or what Nerium International calls "brand partners."

Before starting my 30-day trial, I needed to take photographs of my troubled skin areas. Where do I begin? There was an article about Yoko Ono, nearly 80, and her new menswear collection in the NY Times last Thursday. The article, entitled The World Catches Up with Yoko Ono, was accompanied by a photo of Yoko with her trademark massive black sunglasses perched halfway down her nose, concealing a large portion of her face like a plastic veil. I thought, “What great way to cover up signs of aging!” But I digress.

My top three aging skin concerns are wrinkles, a sagging jawline and age or sun spots. Compelled by the potential benefits of NeriumAD, I took "before" and "after" photographs of my skin up close, without makeup and under the harsh glare of kitchen high hats. Ugh! These days, my best photos are taken at least six feet away, not six inches away! However, I agreed with Amy that the only way to know the product’s true effects was with photographic evidence.

I don’t have a lot of patience when it comes to using makeup and beauty products. Consequently, the fact that NeriumAD skin care is a simple, two-step process—first, wash your face and second, apply the product—was very appealing. The product created a thin mask on my face and dried quickly. In the morning, I washed off the product and applied my usual moisturizer.

Fine Lines and Wrinkles
The most dramatic change in fine lines and wrinkles was seen on my forehead. After applying the NeriumAD for 30 days, those wrinkles showed visible signs of looking smoother, less wrinkled. I wish I could say I saw similar results elsewhere on my face, but I did not.



Women have reported improvements in overall skin tone and even the fading of age spots with this product. As the photos above attest, I was a freckly kid in my younger days. Now, several of those once-cute freckles (not shown above) have exploded into large age or sun spots. I'm sorry to say I didn't see any change in my age or sun spots.

After 30 days of applying NeriumAD, my skin was smoother and softer feeling.

In the final analysis,I would say that my NeriumAD experience was a positive one. I appreciated the simplicity of using this night cream. And while the product didn't solve all my aging skin troubles, I do feel  it changed how my skin feels as well as the visibility of some wrinkles.

It goes without saying, that so much of a skin product's effectiveness depends on the woman--her age, skin type/condition and general genes. I also understand that there are different types of lines and wrinkles on a face. NeriumAD worked well on my forehead wrinkles, but not on others. But again, that's me. 

If you're interested in learning more or purchasing this product, I recommend you contact Amy. She's is extremely nice and can answer all your questions. You can email her on her NeriumAD website. You can also learn more on the product's facebook page.