Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Holiday Gift Ideas: Japanese Kimono Necklaces

Over the weekend, I had brunch with a long-time friend. She’d moved away from New York City several years, but was back in the area making a presentation at a quilters’ conference. My friend, Susan Faeder, has an expertise in Japanese fabrics and leads shopping/cultural tours of Japan. I admired the necklace (above) she was wearing when we met. She told me it was a handmade Japanese Vintage Kimono Silk necklace. She’d fallen in love with the necklace during a recent trip to Japan and brought a bunch of the necklaces in different color schemes back home to sell online. With the holidays nearing, I thought the unique necklace would make a nice gift. Click “read more” to learn more about this necklace.

Since our brunch, I’ve exchanged emails with my friend to learn more about her kimono necklace. According to Susan, each disk, roughly ¾”-1” diameter, is covered with vintage silk from a Japanese kimono.

The necklace has a knotted closure that slides, allowing you to fit it over your head and create the length that is best for your garment or the occasion. It measures about 22" from one side of the back knot to the other. “I love that is doesn’t jangle and there are no metal parts to catch on my clothing,” writes Susan.

Susan also loves the silk necklace’s versatility. “I can wear it to work with a silk blouse or a turtleneck sweater or when I’m going out at night,” she explains. “It is as light as a feather, easy to pack for trips, and extremely elegant in its simplicity.”

These imported necklaces are available for $59.00 plus $6.00 S/H. Susan can accept MC/Visa. There’s a choice of colors and patterns. For color schemes/patterns, more necklace images and other details, contact Susan at Susan@QEJAPAN.com.  The supply is limited. (Though Susan may order more, if there’s an interest.)

Meanwhile…Do you sew or quilt or dream of traveling to Japan? If so, I recommend you take a peek at Susan’s Quilters' Express to Japan website or her facebook page.