Monday, January 21, 2013

Favorites over 50: 10 Ways to Create a Slimmer Look

Have you noticed the barrage of advertisements for weight control and exercise programs in January? I get the whole new year resolution thing (or perhaps, it’s a get ready for the beach thing?), but it’s not like women don’t know where to sign up—if that’s what they want.

Or maybe I’m just sensitive to these ad campaigns because I’ve got a few Christmas cookies and eggnog pounds to lose. It happens every year.  In January and sometimes February, I have to diet to shed the pesky holiday pounds. (Why is it that holiday or vacation pounds take two seconds to put on, but at least two months to take off?) During this time, I watch what I eat and what I wear. I focus on the little things I know help to create a "slimmer look." I figure every little bit helps, right? Click “read more” below to see my 10 favorite ways to create a slimmer effect.

Here are 10 things I've found help me to create a slimmer look. I'm not saying they will work for everyone--I don't believe in "hard and fast" fashion rules. But I offer them up in case they can help other women over 50. And I would LOVE to hear what works for you!

#1: Dresses/skirts at or just above the knee tend to be more slimming than those just below the knee.

#2: A wrap or crossover neckline is flattering because it draws attention away from the torso.

#3. A narrow belt around your smallest point (the waist or just above) reduces volume. (Note to self: Don't belt just above your hips--that draws attention to your widest points: your hips and thighs. And makes your bottom look huge!)

#4. In lieu of a belt, a tailored top helps to create an hourglass figure

#5. Fluttery sleeves offer upper arm coverage

#6. Stockings and shoes in the same hue will may you and your legs look longer. Try nude shoes with bare legs or nylon stocking. Or shoes and tights in the same color family.

#7. Prints are great for camouflaging little lumps and bumps. The print blouse above is actually hiding a multitude of lumpiness.

#8. A long scarf or necklace helps to create a longer you.

#9. An outfit with one main color theme--for example, a dress or a top/bottom combination in the same color (the monochromatic look) or a top/bottom combo in the same color family (two light colors or two dark colors) tends to create a longer/slimmer illusion. I'm 5' 4", so I'm always looking for a little extra length.

#10. Tops that end above or below your widest point keep the eye away from those points. My widest point are my hips and thighs. So I wear jackets and sweaters that either stop at my waist or well below my hips.