Thursday, January 31, 2013

Still Learning: What to Wear with Red...That's Not Black?

What’s black and white and red—a lot? Answer: Me! Red—and all the many shades of red—has been my favorite color since college. For women who can wear red, it's a great color to brighten up your over 50 complexion. That's why I love the color more than ever. But here's the thing: I don't think I've ever worn red with anything other than black--black slacks, black skirts, black sweaters. Crazy, huh? With my 2013 style resolution (Style Over 50: New Day, New Outfit) to start mixing up the things I wear, I won't be able to rely on black and white and red anymore. I'll have to branch out. So...I’ve been “shopping my closet,” looking for colors other than black to wear with red. To see what I’ve found, click “Read More” below. And let me know what colors you like to wear with red. Thanks!

For this exercise, I literary tried every color combination in my closet. Red and brown was the one that surprised me the most. I think the pair really "pops." And I love "pop."

cardigan ~ boutique 
sweater ~ Ann Taylor 
skirt ~ Dana Buchman

This combination of muted colors just made sense. The knit top nips at the waist, creating a bit of the hourglass look (I'm really a pear!). And if I need something a little warmer, I think the charcoal Ralph Lauren jacket--again a muted color--works.

knit top ~ Inc. International 
skirt ~ London boutique

By the by, I like to belt the jacket to create a  waist.

I'm not sure if I can claim grey as a change from black--but I'm going to for the sake of argument. The monochromatic grey sweater-grey skirt is an easy, predictable choice.

sweater ~ Banana Republic
blouse ~ Old Navy
skirt ~ London boutique

 But for play, I'll stick with a look like this one.. I love my multicolored wool sweater..

sweater ~ homemade
blouse ~ Old Navy
skirt ~ London boutique

I don't think I've ever paired true red and navy and I'm not about to start now. However...I do plan on try a maroon and navy mix, especially when a demin skirt is added.

demin shirt ~ Talbots
sweater ~ Urban Outfitters
skirt ~ Max Studio

If this exercise has only taught me one thing, it's that I've gone overboard buying muted colors!!  I guess I just thought they were age appropriate and easy to mix and match. These days, though, I'd like to try mixing a few bolder color combinations. For example...

I'd love to find a bold turquoise skirt, for instance...

RED AND PURPLE about a lavendar print skirt with red. Sounds yummy, yes?