Friday, May 24, 2013

New Day/New Outfit: A Bit of Beading

First off, happy Memorial Day Weekend! In my last post, Style Over 50: Is Orange the New Neutral?, I mentioned that I've been rooting around my wardrobe, looking for garments with a little orange, one of this spring's trendy colors. Well, this week I found a linen skirt with orange beading (above) buried in the back of my closet. A girlfriend was taking me out to lunch to celebrate my birthday and I was looking for something that would suit my festive mood. I think this skirt fits the bill, yes?

My girlfriend and I went to a restaurant at a local marina. There's nothing I love more than a meal with a view. It was one of the first really gorgeous spring days, though a bit breezy, blowing my hair (hence, the hand trying to keep my mop out of my face for the photo) and the skirt hither and thither.

I styled my beaded skirt with a simple black T-shirt for several reasons. First, I admit it: I have a black and white fettish. I think it's such an easy, elegant style for women over 50. Secondly, anytime my skirt is full, I wear a structured top to keep the outfit from overwhelming my shape with too much material. And thirdly, I thought it was best to wear a simple top that wouldn't steal any of the limelight from the skirt's delicate beading. Here's a close up. I'm just crazy about the unusual design.


How do you style garments with beading?