Sunday, May 12, 2013

New Day/New Outfit: Spring Layering

Now that May is here, I’m done with my winter wardrobe. I’m determine to dress lighter and brighter, even when the temperatures dip. I don’t appreciate being cold, though. So…these days, I’m dressing in spring layers. For instance, today, Mother's Day, the weather is sunny, but rather breezy. So...I put this layered outfit together for Mother's Day brunch with my husband and boys.

Normally, my layering strategy starts with a skirt or a pair of slacks. From there, depending on temperature and season, I’ll add a top, sweater, jacket and scarf. For Mother's Day, however, I started my layering with this sundress...

True “sundress weather” is at least a month away in the Northeast (unless we have a freak heat wave, which is always possible). But with the addition of a lightweight pullover sweater and a jean jacket, I was able to wear a sundress in May!

I love creating a new outfit from things already in my closet—that's the motivation for my New Day/New Outfit project. But it’s also fun to add a little something new now and then. For my Mother's Day outfit, I added a new fun emerald bangle from Coldwater Creek to give it a little spring pop.

Have you declared your sleeveless garments--summer tops and dresses--“off limits” because you don’t want anyone seeing your over 50 arms? Personally, I hate to see good clothes go unused. If you don't want to wear your good sleeveless pieces in summertime, why not layer them up and add them to your spring wardrobe?

Hooray for May and Happy Mother's Day!