Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New Day/New Outfit: Fair-Weather Fashion

I can't remember a spring in the Northeast when the flowering trees were more spectacular than this spring. Every week, a new variety of flowering tree is bursting with rich, fragrant blooms. On Sunday, my husband and I strolled down to the waterfront for brunch. The weather was glorious and I had a strong urge to wear something, well, spring-y. In my mind, a straw hat is quintessential fair-weather fashion. So...I got up on a step-ladder and grabbed my straw hat from the closet's top shelf, where it had been hibernating since September.

On our way home, my husband and I stopped at a park to admire the flora. That's me standing under a dogwood tree above and below seated by a flower bed.

While I was set on wearing my straw hat to brunch, there was one question: How would I style it? If truth be known: I've own the hat for several years, but have never worn it anywhere other than the beach. How could I make it fashionable for brunch?

In view of my love of stylish mismatch for women over 50, I wasn't about to pair my country-looking straw hat with anything remotely rural- or peasant-like. No, no, I had to find something to wear that would look more, well, cosmopolitan. So...I chose a black lace blouse, a black camisole, a white pencil skirt and black sandals. It seemed to satisfy my need for stylish mismatch as well as my current infatuation with black and white. Did I succeed?

I'd love to know...

How do you style a straw hat?