Saturday, June 22, 2013

New Day/New Outfit: Taking Cover in a Loose-Knit Top

Happy Summer Solstice!! Did you enjoy the long day yesterday? I'm lovin' the extra daylight!

After a really cold, wet spring, I can finally report I’ve shed my winter woolies. Ahh! The warm weather, though, isn’t without style challenges. For the first time since turning 50, I don't feel like wearing sleeveless all the time. I never had great arms, but they are finally starting to show signs of my advancing years. Trouble is, I don't want to swelter in heavy long sleeves. Hmmm. What to do?

For work today, I rooted around the closet for something that would cover my arms, but ever-so lightly. The air conditioning in my office is already set at "deep freeze," so I don't leave home without a blazer or cardigan for office hours. But I wanted to find something lightweight, even a bit breezy for after work, when I was meeting my husband and a few of our friends for a Summer Solstice celebration. I dug out a loose-knit wrap sweater and tied it over a black camisole. I pulled on a flirty skirt and grabbed a pair of open-toe wedge shoe. The knit top, which is lighter than tissue paper, was just the thing. 

I’m a huge fan of lace and loose-knit sweaters over camisoles with skirts or slacks. They’re so pretty and feminine. And unlike most blazers or heavy cardigans, a pretty lace or loose knit top can easily take you from work to a relaxed evening out. (My blazers never look relaxed!) Boutiques are great sources for sweaters. I got this one in a little shop in Wellfleet on Cape Cod last fall. It's a bit more country girl than I usually go for. But I like to push myself out of my style comfort zone every so often for variety's sake.

Are your arms showing their age? If so, what’s your arm strategy for this summer?

WHERE TO SHOP... On the hunt for 3/4 sleeve cardigans to wear over camisoles or sleeveless dresses and tops? I've posted a few garments--some of them on sale right now--at Arms Over 50: 3/4 Sleeve Solutions.