Wednesday, July 31, 2013

New Day/New Outfit: A Flattering Neckline For Women Over 50

If you've been reading this blog, you know I don’t like to tell women over 50 what they shouldn’t wear anymore. That’s a very slippery slope since women over 50 vary tremendously. So…instead, I like to focus on the positive, sharing fashions and styles that I see working well for women over 50. One style I consistently love the look of on over 50 women is the top with an open neckline across the shoulders. This includes the classic boat-neck as well as wider necklines. While on vacation in Vail, I bought a wide neck sweater (above). I’d packed a lightweight cardigan and jean jacket, but that wasn’t always enough to keep me warm on the cool, wet Colorado nights. The wide neck sweater was perfect—warm enough and nice enough for evenings out in Vail.

Why choose a top with a wide neckline? Well, for me, I love the style because it's...
  1. Ultra-feminine. Personally, my days of wearing plunging, cleavage-revealing necklines are behind me. Yes, I want to project energy and femininity, but I don’t need my clothing to act as a bullhorn for my sexuality. And I’ve always felt—for me, anyway—showing a little skin is sexier than showing a lot. 
  2.  Flattering, especially for the woman with a short neck. A top that closes around the neck (ie, turtleneck or collared shirt) or at the base of the neck (ie, a round-neck T-shirt) can emphasize the short neck. When the top opens wider, away from the neck, the neck looks a little longer.
  3.  A chin and neck distraction. As a New England native, I wore lots of turtlenecks in wintertime growing up. But now, I wouldn’t dare wear one, at least not the snug-fitting kind. Why? I can't bear to see my jowls perched on the top of the collar. I find the wide neckline offers a little distraction from those pesky jowls and neck wrinkles. I’m not talking miracles here; just a little softening of aging's harsh signs.
  4.  Good for day or night. A wide neckline sweater is a little more sophisticated than a crew-neck pullover or a button-down cardigan. Add your favorite jewelry and it’s the perfect top for cool evenings out.

My New Day/New Project usually features an outfit styled mostly from things already in my closet. For this installment, the outfit's largest pieces (the top and skirt) are new and the accessories (jewelry, handbag and sandals) are old (ancient!). The truth is, I like to buy a few things when we travel as a reminder of our trip. If you are taking a trip to Vail and plan to shop, I suggest you save your pennies. By and large, Vail shops are very lovely, but a bit pricey. I lucked out with a couple of summer sales.

Our last night in Vail was a rainy one. Fortunately, our evening activity didn’t depend on fair weather. We took the dinner train on the Georgetown loop in Silver Plume, CO. The train tracks were originally laid during the height of Colorado's silver and ore mining in the 1880s. (They've been renovated since then!) The whole experience was pretty campy--certainly not for those of you with highly sophisticated tastes. But that's why I loved it. It was a pleasure riding in an old train car, seeing a little of the countryside, learning about Colorado's old days, and meeting some very nice people--very relaxing. It put a smile on my face.