Thursday, July 18, 2013

New Day/New Outfit: The Longer Short Sleeves

By now, I figure anyone following Flattering50 knows how ga-ga I am for 3/4 sleeve tops. (See my recent post entitled Arms Over 50: The 3/4 Sleeve Solution for details.) I'm not, however, suggesting that all over 50 women should burn the sleeveless garments in their closet--as some style pundits insist. Heavens, no!! (I'm actually pretty down on style pundits who tell us what we can't wear now that we're over 50.) There are plenty of over 50 arms that should celebrate their great limbs by flaunting them in sleeveless fashions. Unfortunately, I'm no longer a member of that particular club.So...this summer, I planned to rely on my 3/4 sleeve T-shirts, blouses and sweaters any time the temps dipped below 85. But this spring, I discovered a new sleeve length: The Longer Short Sleeve Top.

I first came across the new sleeve length at the Land's End website. I bought two longer short sleeve tops--one in white, the other in black. (I've really embraced the black and white trend this spring!) That's me at the top of this post. I paired a new longer short sleeve T-shirt with my favorite Anne Klein polka dot skirt (ancient!) to create today's New Day/New Outfit look.

The longer short sleeves are short enough to still be summery, but long enough to cover up the wrinkles just above my elbows. And while I still love my 3/4 tops, it's nice to add a little variety to my summer wardrobe. By the by, I love the slit or notched necklines that are trending this season.

I ordered the Land's End longer short sleeve T-shirt online just before Memorial Day. Unfortunately, I can't find the style on the company's website anymore. Perhaps, there are still a few in the "brick and mortar" stores? Meanwhile, I did see another longer short sleeve top on sale at the Land's End website. If you click on Shop all your favorites at Lands' End with Free Shipping on orders over $50. and go to the site's Sales link, you can find it.

Elbow-length tops are popping up elsewhere as well. Right now Enjoy 40% off your ENTIRE Purchase with code FASHION40 at Ann Taylor. Here's a trendy striped elbow-length sleeve top at Ann Taylor...

Ann Taylor Striped Double Scoop Neck Cotton Tee

Ann Taylor Striped Double Scoop Neck Cotton Tee

There's also the Ann Taylor Double Scoop Neck Cotton Tee in 9 solid colors and Sizes SX-XXL. Here's the top in turquoise.

Ann Taylor Double Scoop Neck Cotton Tee

I tend to gravitate to fitted tees because I'm short and often get swallowed up in anything too baggy. But if you're taller than me, you might prefer something that's got a more relax fit. At, you'll find a number of elbow-length, loose-fitting T-shirts. For instance...

Velvet Dora Tee

Velvet Dora Tee

When I shop at, I like to sort a product catalog, like short sleeve tops, from lowest-to-highest prices. Some of the designer Ts can get a bit pricey. But by sorting the garments by price, you can find some really great values.

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