Sunday, September 15, 2013

Early Fall Colors: Black, Grey and White

Last Friday, I attended the opening reception of a new exhibition of photographs by Gosta Peterson, one of my favorite fashion photographers. It was a crisp, clear New York evening and most woman on the city's streets were dressed for cooler weather. In general, frocks and sandals in this summer's hot pink and sassy citrus colors gave way to knit dresses and separates in black, white or grey. 


The reception for the “Soot and Stars” exhibit, which includes works by Gosta and four other artists, was held at the Turner Gallery in Tribeca. My husband and I have been huge fans of Gosta Peterson’s photography since the early 80s, when his fashion photos for Henri Bendel regularly appeared in the New York Times. In fact, we have four of his prints hanging in our home. His black and white photos, which are both elegant and playful, always knock me out. 

The reception drew New Yorkers' of all ages as well as art-savvy parrot.

In New York, anyway, black is a year-round color. The only difference seems to be that women wear a little more black in the fall and winter than in the spring and summer. I love the woman in the color-blocked, sleeveless sheath at the top of this post. It was the perfect dress for an exhibition of mid-century photographs, don't you think? It's also a great summer-to-fall dress. And it certainly defies that silly rule banning all women of a certain age from wearing sleeveless.

Black slacks are always a great foundation piece, since they can be paired with just about anything. For example, I love the comfortable green striped smock over narrow black knit pants on the woman admiring the parrot above. Or how about the cropped black slacks with a crisp white collared shirt and a brocade jacket (below)? So simple, yet so stylish.

When I'm not wearing black slacks, I'm often wearing a black skirt and black tights. I tried to get a shot of the pearl-studded black tights below, but the subject moved.

For women over 50 who've had enough black or don't like the way it looks on them anymore, there is pale grey. Pale grey is a "hot" neutral this fall. The ever-stylish Linda Rodin, founder of the RODIN olio lusso collection of skincare products, wore a pale grey sweater over a knit black skirt, grey tights and black ankle boots to the reception.

Here's Linda with photographer Gosta Peterson and that clever parrot again.

Ankle boots are super "hot" right now. I'm seeing so many different styles--like Linda's patent leather boots (below)--around town. By the by, don't you love her little bag for holding her smart phone?

Once again, white (all shades) is considered a "hot" fall color. In New York, a September evening might feel like summer or fall. A white linen blouse and slacks, like those on the woman below, work well for both seasons.

If she were to add a pair of beige ankle boots, like the ones below, she might wear her all-white look right into October.

The “Soots and Stars” exhibition at the Turner Gallery runs through October 12th.