Sunday, September 22, 2013

Still Learning: Time to Hit the "Pause" on "Fast Fashion"?

More and more, I'm hearing over 50 women say, "I'm shopping my closet," putting together a new outfit with what they've got rather than running out to buy something new. No doubt, their reasons for this vary greatly. There might be a financial reason--lost income since 2007, or the need to curtail fashion spending to pay off their kids' college bills. Or perhaps, like my over 50 girlfriend, some women don't want to buy anything new until they drop a few of those postmenopausal pounds. Recently, I discovered a video, entitled The Business of Fast Fashion, that gives another great reason for buying less and "shopping one's closet" more: It's good for the environment. In just under 2 minutes, the video by MBA shows how buying lots of disposable clothing, known as "Fast Fashion," impacts our planet and more. Here, take a peek...

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It might seem strange for an over 50 style watcher like myself to advocate for hitting the "pause" on fashion spending, particularly "fast fashion." In my mind, however, being stylish and buying less aren’t mutually exclusive. In fact, some of the most stylish over 50 women I know have very modest wardrobes.

Vivienne Westwood says, "By less, choose well, and mix it all." For me, styling over 50 has become as simple as that. Last winter, I made a conscious decision to start “shopping my closet” and share the result in my “New Day/New Outfit” project. While I have faltered now and then, falling back on outfits styled in the same way, the project has made me aware of the endless combinations of separates and accessories I can create without buying lots of new stuff. It's also made me a smarter shopper; I'm buying less, choosing more well-made pieces, and mixing like mad. After watching The Business of Fast Fashion, I feel even more determined to scale back because of the benefits to our planet, our children and grandchildren's future home.