Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Probelle Nail Repair: Help for Damaged Nails

Thank you Probelle for letting me try your nail repair products!

I like to wear nail polish. I don't wear it all the time, but I do go through a nail-polishing phase for three or four months every year. The minute I stop polishing my nails, however, I have to deal with the punishing effects of nail polish. The polish seems to zap the moisture out of my nails, leaving them chalky dry and rough. A sad sight, indeed. In the past, I've worked my strongest-acting body cream into the nails to restore the lost moisture. Eventually, the nails return to a healthier state.

Six weeks ago, after nail polishing during the spring and summer months, I stopped polishing. As usual, my nails looked awful, like frosted window panes on a bitter cold winter day. Instead of reaching for the hand cream, however, I tried Touch 'N Glow ($14.00) nail repair formula by Probelle. The 'Touch 'N Glow' formula has been developed to repair and restore damaged nails, especially thin nails prone to cracking, splitting and breaking often. My nails aren't particularly thin and they don't crack or split. However, I was hoping the product would restore my nails' natural color and moisture, and help them grow.

I used "Touch 'N Glow"  regularly for a month. After just a few coats of the protective formula, my nails began to look better. Over the weeks, they continued to grow healthier and longer. In fact, after six weeks, my nails were the longest they've been since high school. People don't usually comment on my nails. In the past six weeks, two people, a girlfriend and work colleague, have noticed my nail and said they look good. This is how my nails looked after a month. Two weeks later, I had to cut them because they were getting too long.

The folks at Probelle have also developed a second formula, called Touch N' Glow Plus ($14.00), to help maintain a woman's healthy nails once they've been restored by the original 'Touch 'N Glow' formula. The Plus formula includes ingredients extracted from garlic and lime, which are intended to make nails look healthy as well as protect them against fungus. I've been using the "Plus" product for two weeks and will continue to use it, including as an under coat during my next nail polishing phase. It will be interesting to see if the product keeps my nails from turning chalk dry and rough after several months of polishing.

By the by, Probelle has an extensive line of nail care products for specific nail concerns as well as colored nail lacquers. Visit the Probelle website to learn more.