Sunday, February 8, 2015

Giveaway Winner Models Her New Flattering Top

Flattering top for women over 50

Last fall, a Flattering50 Giveaway gave readers a chance to win a top from Covered Perfectly. Michelle's name was randomly selected as the winner. I put Michelle in touch with Pauline Durban, founder and president of Covered Perfectly, to claim her prize. This week, Michelle emailed me a photo (above) of her wearing the top she had chosen. It was so exciting to hear from her and to see her new top. Doesn't she look fabulous? The top is called the Wrap Over. It's made with MicroModal,a natural fiber that's super soft, comfortable and cool. In her email, Michelle wrote, "I love my top!"

Thanks so much for showing Flattering50 readers your new top, Michelle!!