Sunday, March 8, 2015

Style Over 50: The Green Scene

styling green on women over 50

The color green is having a moment. And, no, not because it's March and some people like to put on the green for St. Patrick's Day. According to the NY Times, green, especially forest green, started trending during Fashion Week in New York last month. The newspaper's online site created a slide show of celebrities (ie, Anna Wintour, Julianna Moore) dressed in high-end green outfits a few weeks ago. I was I was reminded of the slide show this week when I was in the city and saw three women wearing green winter coats. How many green sightings makes a trend? I sometimes wonder. I'm sure Bill Cunningham knows. No matter. Then, on Friday, The Guardian, a UK publication, created a slide show of green outfits. This slide show shows women with more down-to-earth clothing allowances styling green. to my closet I went this weekend to see what green I could find.


green handbag on women over 50

I actually have a lot of green--pale green and olive as well as forest green--in my wardrobe. However, the darker greens seem to be the ones trending, so I pulled out a ribbed top, a crossbody handbag and leather gloves. I hadn't used any of these pieces in a long time. And that's why I like to follow trends in the media and observe what women are wearing on the street: It inspires me to mix things up a bit, which I love!  

My style instincts--what little I have, that is--told me I probably should resist piling on the green. Hence, I've paired the ribbed top with either the handbag or the gloves, but not all three at the same time.


green leather gloves on women over 50

Have you tried styling green lately?