Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Spring Handbag: Chasing the Winter Blues Away

spring handbag for women over 50

It's snowing--again! Oh, well, at least yesterday was sunny and bright. I asked my husband to snap the photo above to show my latest fashion pick for chasing the winter blues away: a spring handbag. After weeks of frigid temps and every-other-day snowfalls, I decided to bag my winter black handbags and start using a honey-colored spring handbag. And strange though it may sound, it's definitely picked up my spirits. It's a little like seeing those cheery crocuses popping out, which sometimes happens around this time of year--but not this year! So in lieu of crocuses, I recommend (if you haven't already) pulling out a spring-y something, like a handbag or shoes. Stay warm!

I thought you might enjoy this snow creature (a caterpillar, perhaps?) with its stylish red bandana and gloves...