Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Still Learning: 'Unavailable' Online May Be Only Temporary

If you shop online, you've probably had the experience of finding something you really like,  only to discover when you try to purchase it that it isn't available in the size or color you want. In such cases, I have always assumed that "unavailable" meant, well, unavailable.  However, a recent shopping experience has taught me that "unavailable" online today may be "available" online tomorrow.

This year, my spring wish list included a pair of black sandals. I was looking for: a black leather slingback sandal with a peep toe and a heel under 3".  Simple enough, yes? Actually, I couldn't find it in any store. I found sandal after sandal that fit most of the description except the heel was over 3"--too high for me unless I'm sitting down.

Then, after several session at the computer, searching my favorite shoe sites as well as a few new ones, I found a pair of Women's Bella Vita 'Leona' Slingback Sandal, 2 1/4" heel (above) at Shop must-have spring shoes at I was excited...until I started to place my order. I clicked on the color and the size and a pop-up box appeared, telling me: "combination unavailable." 

Disappoint, but not quite discouraged, I went back online, where I found the sandal style at one other site. However, once again,  my size and color were not available. After that, I realized I would have to come up with completely different sandal style or settle for the Bella Vita sandal in a different color. I revisited the Nordstrom sandal department, hoping something would grab me. And guess what? The website was now showing the Bela Vita sandals in size and color I needed. I ordered them on the spot.

I don't pretend to be the savviest online shopper around and, perhaps, many of you have had my experience of finding a garment or accessory "unavailable" one day and "available" a few days later. I'm sharing my story in case of any of you find something online you really love, but it's "unavailable." My advice: wait a few days and check back. The item may be available.

Happy Shopping!