Sunday, May 3, 2015

Design-Your-Own Clothes: Shopping Just Got Easier!

When you shop, either in stores or online, are you frustrated by what you find--or, perhaps, don't find? Are the dresses too short or ill-fitting? Do you wish they had sleeves or a higher or lower neckline? Do you find a skirt you like, but hate its  pockets?

What if there was a site where you could choose the length of the sleeves or hem, or design other elements to create a garment that flatters you? Well, there is! The folks a eShakti are committed to providing affordable, custom-made fashion to make women who wear sizes 0-36 look their very best. Recently, the company invited me to customize a garment and share the experience with Flattering50 readers. And be sure to scroll down for eShakti's special offer for Flattering50 readers!

eShakti offers a large selection of dresses, skirts, slacks and tops. Skirts range from $50-$100. Dresses range from $60-$120, but many styles are well under $100. For my review, I chose a trendy wraparound, double-breasted skirt with a diagonally-cut opening.

When shopping for skirts, I have two problems. First, they never fit right.  To get a skirt that fits my hips, I have to choose a size that is usually two or three inches too big around the waist. Plus, as a petite woman, I look best when the hem falls just above my knees. I'm no fan of my aging knees, believe me, but a longer hem length makes me look squat. The result is, 9 out of 10 skirts I buy have to go to the tailor for alterations. If the tailor has to alter the waist and hem, it can cost me a pretty penny (especially if the garment is lined). 

When ordering at eShakti, a customer is asked to follow three simple steps: choose a size (standard or customized), give her height and,  if she likes, customize certain elements. Surprisingly, I was able to choose a standard size, using the eShakti size chart. Next, I gave my height. (Customers are asked to give their height to ensure a "truer" fit.) Lastly, you are asked if you'd like to customizing certain elements. I was able to request that the hem length fall above my knees and that I wanted the pockets removed (I don't need any extra bulk around my hips, thank you). Certain customizing requests, like specifying a hem length or a neckline, cost a flat fee of $7.50. Believe me--that's the merest fraction of what I spend at the tailor for alterations. Removing the pockets was a free customization.

I hope you can see from my photos (above and below) that my new skirt fits like it was made for me--which it was! It's well-made of a sturdy Rayon/Nylon Spandex material. The fabric's stretch makes it super comfortable for walking and sitting.  It's a garment that can worn all day and into the evening, and dressed up or down. There's no fussing with the front buttons because the skirt has a side zipper.

My new skirt arrived 13 days after I ordered. The website says the average delivery time is 18 days. This may seem like a long time, but remember: each garment is made to order. eShakti doesn't have warehouses filled with clothes; they don't stock any sizes. By shipping straight to you from the manufacturer, the garment's cost is kept affordable.

Needless to say, I was impressed with my eShakti shopping experience.  Before eShakti contacted me, I had been shopping for a new spring skirt. I didn't have anything in particular in mind--just something that looked stylish, fit reasonable well and was affordable. After visiting six or seven stores, spending probably 2-3 hours, I hadn't found a skirt. And even if I had, it probably would have needed altering, which takes at least a week and costs a lot more than $7.50.  Next time, I'll stop by eShakti first. If the site has a style I like, I know with customization, I'll have an affordable garment that looks and fits really well on me.

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