Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fashion Over 50: Stylish Ponchos

It's been raining hard for four days. I know 'tis the season' and all that, but the branches on two young pear trees in my yard are so saturated with water that they look like weeping willows. Under these very wet conditions, it's hard not to think about rain gear. I spotted my first stylish poncho of 2011 on a woman over 50 this week. She looked great. (I know, I know--I've got to start snapping more photos of these sightings!) It wasn't the traditional let's-go-camping vinyl poncho; it was a stylish design in trench coat-like fabric. I couldn't wait to go online and see what poncho styles were available. Here's a sample of what I found...

My favorite poncho is this poncho-styled Ports 1961 Utilitarian Jacket with Vachetta Belt ($1,250.00). The belt gives it lovely structure.

Ports 1961 Utilitarian Jacket with Vachetta Belt

Or check out this stylish BB Dakota Taylor Poncho ($73.50). I'm not sure if this poncho is waterproof or even water resistant--the description doesn't say--but I'm not concerned. It's perfect for spring and I'd carry an umbrella to cover my head, if the sky looked threatening.

BB Dakota Taylor Poncho

And here's a bright and playful RLX Ralph Lauren Napali Poncho ($398)

RLX Ralph Lauren Napali Poncho

Here are some of the clothing sites showing ponchos. If you find other sites, let me know. I think there is a poncho in my future.

Bergdorf Goodman has a collection of ponchos, but nothing looks rain-ready. Check out Donna Karan Poncho styled with a skirt and leggings. What a great look.

Calvin Klein has a Hooded Poncho ($160) has a nice selection of wooly ponchos, but, again, not much for spring.

Polyvore has one or two ponchos as well as a few poncho-style coats and capes.