Monday, August 20, 2012

Fashion Pick of the Day: Lace Blazer

Rory Beca Sofia Lace Blazer

Check out this Rory Beca Sofia Lace Blazer (was $143, now $71) available in sizes Medium and Large. (Focus on the blazer, please, and not the babe in the hot pants!!) I came across the blazer while working on a post about fall suits. Click on the photo to zoom in on the lace material. It's so feminine and festive, ready for a party or other special occasion. And the sales price is hard to resist. Flattering50 readers are always asking for garments that will cover their arms. Most clothiers aren't interested in showing tops or dresses with sleeves in the summer months. A lace blazer seems like the perfect way to cover up in a sleeveless top or dress! Click "read more" below for links to other posts on covering over 50 arms.

Here are a few Flattering50 posts on coping with post-50 arms--how women feel about their arms and possible ways to de-emphasize the signs of aging arms.

I saw an Parisian woman covering up her sleeveless top with a lace top. I loved the look and bought one for myself.

Over 50 Arms: Time for Potions and Pilates?
I searched the web to see what arms remedies were available for post-50 women.

I asked women over 50 to tell me whether or not they were bothered by their aging arms. See what they said.