Friday, September 14, 2012

Giveaway Winners: What’s Your Must-Have Fall Fashion?

The latest Flattering50 Giveaway ended on Sunday and three randomly-picked winners have received $25 e-gift certificates for their responses to the Giveaway question: What’s Your Must-Have Fall Fashion? I’ve listed to the winners and their comments below.

All three winners said they had a pair of boots in mind for fall. I thought that was interesting for two reasons. First, the fashion pundits report that the accessory markets—shoes, handbags, and costume jewelry—are doing better than the garment market in our still-depressed economy. Apparently, women are adding accessories to last year’s fashions, rather than buy lots of new clothing. I also love that the must-have boots were all so different—from UGGs, to leather wedges to moto boots. As I always like to say about women over 50… Vive la différence!


I have been wanting the UGG Australia Mini Bailey Button boots for some time now -- so it's at the top of my list!!! Age: Over 40

My, soft leather, wedge heel...

What I want for fall is a pair of Vince Camuto Moto boots with gold trim. They will make anything look fantastic. Debbi from SheAccessorizesWell

Congratulations winners!! The last Flattering50 Giveaway for 2012 will launch on Friday, October 12th.