Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Feminine Suit: The Wedding Guest Solution

Tahari Silver Social Skirt Suit

I've been invited to a evening wedding next month. Since I don't have an extensive wardrobe (hardly!) and an evening wedding calls for something a little fancy, I need to think about my outfit well in advance. I have a couple of dresses I could wear, but I'm thinking I might invest in a nice suit. The Queen and Camilla looked fabulous in suits at William's and Kate's wedding. And as I always say, "If it's good enough for the Queen and Camilla, it's good enough for me!" I found some nice suits online and on sale at Loehmann's and  I thought I'd share, just in case you've been thinking along the same lines. Take, for instance, the Tahari Silver Social Skirt Suit (was $320, now $99.99). Gray can be so corporate drab, but a metallic gray is ultra stylish and dressy. Click "read more" below to see a few other skirt and pants suits I think might work well a weddings. Since these suits are on sale, they might not be around long. To view what's available, visit Shop

When it comes to fashion over 50, I don't believe in rules. Every time I read that over 50 women should never wear this or that, I inevitably see an over 50 woman looking great in the reported "Glamour Don't." There are just too many variables--age, body shape, coloring, lifestyle, personality, geographic location, and so forth--to lay down hard and fast rules. That said, now that I'm well into my fifties, I realize certain fashions work better than others for me. For instance, too much black is too harsh for my complexion during the daylight hours. But a black suit like this lovely Tahari Black Skirt Suit(was $280, now $99.99). might work for an evening affair in New York, especially when paired with a statement gold chain necklace or silk scarf.

Tahari Black Skirt Suit

For a day wedding during Indian Summer, I might choice a suit with a belt, like this Tahari Herringbone S/S Belted Skirtst (was $280, now $139). Again, a pretty necklace or silk scarf would make it pop. The beauty of a suit like this is you can wear it to the office, too. For more skirt suit possibilities, click on Shop

Tahari Herringbone S/S Belted Skirtst

Or, perhaps, something in blue like the Tahari One Button Purple Skirt Suit (was $280, now $139). The design is simple, but the color is knock-out.

Tahari One Button Purple Skirt Suit

Or for something a little more relaxed, there this Too-Pretty Two-Tone Jacket Dress ($69.99)

Too-Pretty Two-Tone Jacket Dress

I won't lie to you. Pant suits aren't my thing. They just don't flatter my body shape. However, I know some over 50 women are huge fans and like to wear them to weddings. are a couple of feminine pants suits also by Tahari and on sale right now. The draping in the first suit and Mandarin collar in the second one are sophisticated without looking too corporate. For many more suit designs, visit Shop

Tahari Drape Collar Jacket/Pantsuit

Tahari Drape Collar Jacket/Pantsuit (was $320, now $119)

Tahari Mandarin Collar Pant Suit

Tahari Mandarin Collar Pant Suit (was $280, now $119).