Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Beautiful Lingerie: It's Great Therapy Over 50

Next Floor: Ladies Lingerie

“Where’s the man who can ease a heart like a satin gown?” wrote Dorothy Parker. I couldn't agree more. Now that I’m over 50, I appreciate beautiful lingerie more than ever. It’s sexy, glorious against my skin and makes me feel, well, like a million. It's great therapy for the heart and mind.  Click "read more" for more about lingerie and where to shop.


Beautiful lingerie has been on my mind lately. One reason: Christmas is coming and my husband always gives me lingerie. It’s a tradition that began many years ago, when he gave me a lovely floor-length Oscar de la Renta nightgown and matching robe. Needless to say, I was overjoyed and he's been giving me beautiful nightgowns and underpinnings every Yuletide since. I can't wait to see what he gives me this year!

Blue Nights

The other reason I’ve been pondering beautiful lingerie is because I saw an article about Downton Abbey and lingerie in an online British newspaper. Not surprisingly, the British press is milking the Downton phenomenon and the recent premiere of Season 3. (Alas, we Americans must wait till January.) The article reported a leap in the sales of vintage lingerie because of the show. According to the Daily Mail, there’s been a “rush to copy the Crawleys” and their vintage nightwear. Apparently, Lucille Lingerie, a company that’s been around since Downton Days, has reported a 48% sales increase since the period soap opera mentioned the brand’s name.

Sweet Dreams 2

I sometimes wonder if I ever would have own beautiful lingerie, if it weren't for my husband. (I grew up with sisters in the Northeast and we wore Lanz nightgowns exclusively.)  While I love all of my pretty things, I'm particularly fond of my long, silky nightgowns. I love climbing into bed in one. It makes me feel like I have escaped the modern world and returned to an era when people wrote letters, had afternoon tea with friends and read Edith Wharton novels.

If you celebrate a December holiday or have a birthday coming up, you might want to drop a hint to your special someone. Otherwise, I highly recommend you splurge on yourself. Let’s pick a day and declare it “Lingerie Day.”

On the Internet, long, silky nightgowns don’t seem as popular as sleepwear that falls mid-thigh. If you like the shorter gowns, you’ll find lots online. Here are links to a few of the long, luxurious nightgowns I love so much…

Loehmanns.com – has a couple of nightgowns on sale right now. There’s a Jones New York nightgown with matching robe as well as a Famous Designer Gown—all nicely priced under $100.

— has a Only Hearts Venice Tank Gown with Lace Cups ($121), but only available in size S.

Nordstrom – For something not quite so long, take a peek at the waltz-length Natori 'Ming' Nightgown ($110). There's also a lovely Donna Karan Silky Chiffon Nightgown ($240)

Sak’s Fifth Avenue – has a Oscar de la Renta Sleepwear Floral-Print Ruffle Gown ($158). Or for something with long-sleeves, take a peek at Natori Vinaya Gown ($150)

And lastly....

For those of you who are Downton Abbey fans, here's the trailer for Season 3...