Friday, October 5, 2012

Scarf Season: Styling Tips 2

Since writing my post titled Scarf Season: Are You Ready to Wrap?, I discovered a few scarf tying video clips from Eileen Fisher. While some of the tying techniques are repeats of those I posted earlier, there are new ones. And, besides, I actually like seeing some of the techniques repeated. Here's one...

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My favorite way to style a scarf is to layer it with a cardigan or jacket. A small scarf can look fabulous with just a simple top--like a crew neck or V-neck. But a larger scarf (below)  layered with a cardigan or jacket is so cozy. Here I am in Monfort, France, on vacation, looking very relaxed, don't you think? While I do like to twist and tie a scarf to create different looks, there are times when I'm just as happy to wrap the scarf around my neck a couple of times and leave it at that.

I also love a wide scarf because I can throw it in my handbag and pull it out if the air or air conditioning is a little chilly. Just having something over my shoulders (below) makes a big different in my comfort level. And, yes, I love the arm-covering benefit.

These days, you'll find scarves just about everywhere--including in drug stores! Here's one from Jones New York and below it, an Old Navy Scarf.

Jones New York Patchwork Scarf - Size , Blue

Old Navy Womens Paisley Infinity Scarves

Finally, here's another scarf tying lesson with the same Eileen Fisher model. Many of the techniques are similar to the first video, but there are a few new ones as well.