Friday, October 12, 2012

Giveaway: What’s Your Secret to Looking Good Over 50?

What's Your Secret to Looking Good Over 50?

Now that I'm a woman over 50, I'm focused on what I can do to help my appearance and not on what's out of my control. We can't defy aging (despite what Madison Avenue tells us), but  we can do little things--everything from the applying the perfect lipstick shade to wearing a well-cut garment--to look our best. Every woman benefits from strategies that accent her positives and divert attention away from her little imperfections. I'd like to know what your strategies are. So for my October Giveaway, I'm asking readers to tell me:

What’s Your Secret to Looking Good Over 50?

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What makes you look your best? Is it a certain garment or clothing style that flatters your body shape? Or a certain color that makes your skin glow? Do certain beauty products make all the difference? Are you showered with compliments when you smile a lot, or when you're feeling super confident? I’d love to know what your secret(s) are!

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Please include your age (or decade—over 50 or over 60, etc.).

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Thanks and Good Luck!

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