Sunday, August 11, 2013

Coldwater Creek's Jeans: Great Style, Fit and Comfort

This past week, my girlfriend Loretta and I visited the Coldwater Creek's store in Manhattan to view the fall jeans collection. The clothing company asked me to take a peek at the collection and share my thoughts with Flattering50 readers. My girlfriend and I got to try on the new jean styles and pick a pair to take home. The fall jeans collection includes several different styles in a wide choice of colors. Though Loretta and I have very different body shapes, we both found jeans that were perfect for us. They're well-made, a great fit and really comfortable. I'm especially pleased with my jeans because it's been a long time since I owned a pair of jeans that fit well. 

If you're in Manhattan and in a shopping mood, I highly recommend you stop by The Coldwater Creek store on Third Avenue. It's gorgeous. The store is spacious with lots of tables and clothing racks displaying the brand's latest styles. What's more, the atmosphere is warm and welcoming with plenty of natural light, plus natural wood shelving and floors. And the staff is super friendly. When we arrived, we were greeted by Jennifer, the store's assistant manager. She offered to help us find a pair of jeans.

After a tour of the store (I love the brand's fall separates in rich jewel colors), Jennifer led us to the jeans collection. She asked Loretta and me a few questions about our jeans preferences and sizes. I had no choice but to come clean and admit I hadn't bought a pair of classic blue jeans in at least 10 years! The reason: I haven't found a pair that fit. I'm one of those over 50 gals who is much smaller from the hips up than from the hips down. Generally speaking, any bottom (skirts or slacks) that fits perfectly at my hips is too big at my waist. I usually have to take a new skirt or pair of slacks to the tailor's for alterations. In my mind, taking a pair of classic blue jeans to a tailor for alterations always seemed a little silly. Instead, I just avoided jeans.

The prospect of finally finding a pair of Coldwater Creek jeans that fit was very exciting. And yet, I couldn't help but wonder: What if the brand doesn't have a jeans style for my body? Jennifer wasn't concerned. She and Norma, a sales associate, collected an armful of the fall jean styles in various sizes and colors and led Loretta and me into the dressing room.

The Coldwater Creek fall jeans collection includes Shaping Jeans, Natural Fit Jeans, Knit Jeans, Sateen Jeans and Cropped Jeans. The jean styles come in a choice of classic or natural fit with either straight leg, slim-leg, bootcut, mini-bootcut or cropped. In addition, there's a curvy mini-bootcut style, which is shaped at the hips and thighs. And finally, the brand has very stylish Tuxedo Jeans (with faux-suede tuxedo stripes) and Brocade Ankle Jeans. With so many jeans to choose from, Loretta and I were truly grateful to have Jennifer's professional assistance. Here's a pair of the Tuxedo Jeans...

Stylish Tuxedo Jeans

I thought I might like the Cropped Jeans, but after trying on a pair, Jennifer and I both agreed they were not right for my legs. Next, I tried a pair of classic fit Shaping Jeans with a straight leg. The Shaping Jeans have an invisible slimming panel that flattens the tummy. I loved that! However, I didn't have to look in the mirror to know that the classic fit, which sits above the waist, was gaping at my waist. Jennifer quickly recommended a pair Natural Fit Jeans, which sit at the waist, with a slim leg. I pulled on the jeans and voilĂ ! The jeans fit perfectly; no gaping. Moreover, the jeans are well-made and very comfortable--just what this over 50 woman is looking for. The Natural Fit Jeans comes in 10 colors. I chose the sundown wash. Jennifer snapped a photo (below) of me, trying on the jeans with a Weekend Mixed Stripes top.

Weekend Casual: Mixed Striped Top, Natural Fit Jeans

Jennifer also helped Loretta find a pair of jeans. It was so much fun to watch them work together. Loretta and I have very different bodies. I'm an average height woman with a petite, pear-shaped frame and short legs. Loretta is tall, well-proportioned and has lovely long legs. She tried a few different styles before choosing the natural fit Shaping Jeans with a bootcut leg in black denim. The jeans looked great on her. Here's Loretta wearing the jeans, while conferring with Jennifer (off camera) in the dressing room...

Shaping Jeans: Just one of the many fall jean styles

Loretta also looked great in a pair of Knit Jeans, which are super soft and comfortable. The jeans are available in both natural and classic fits as well as slim, straight or bootcut legs and 7 colors. Since purple is one of my good friend's favorite colors, she bought a pair of Knit Jeans in midnight purple.

Between the two of us, Loretta and I went home with the three fall jean styles: Shaping Jeans, Natural Fit Jeans and Knit Jeans. Interestingly, when choosing the right size of us, Jennifer had different advice for each jean style. Apparently, the jean styles have different amounts of spandex and, consequently, wear differently.

For my Natural Fit Jeans, Jennifer recommended I take a size smaller than my usual pants size. She said the jeans would stretch with wear. If I took my usual pant size, the waist was likely to gape between washings. For Loretta's Shaping Jeans, Jennifer recommended she take a pair in her usual jean size. However, Jennifer said the Knit Jeans would definitely stretch between washing and recommended a size smaller than Loretta's usual size. Loretta was resistant; she was afraid the Knit Jeans would be too tight-looking. Jennifer understood. "For the first wear after washing," said Jennifer, "try pairing the Knit Jeans with a tunic." Loretta tried the jeans with the Falling Stripes top, which fell just below her hips and looked absolutely smashing.

Based on our experience, it might be a good idea to consult with a Coldwater Creek sales associate (in the store or online) about sizing before buying a pair of jeans.


We loved seeing the store's style ideas for the new fall jeans.

After we'd thanked Jennifer and Norma for their jeans-fitting help, Loretta and I did a little shopping on our own. We both bought several tops to pair with our new jeans. We could have bought a lot more.

All that shopping made us hungry, so we went to the Morgan Cafe (at the Morgan Library) for lunch. Not surprisingly, we chatted about our Coldwater Creek visit. Loretta agreed that the store was a pleasure to shop in. "The staff was very helpful," she also noted. "They really wanted us to be happy with the jeans we chose." Loretta also loved walking around the store and seeing the way the brand's separates were styled on the different store mannequins. "I got lots of ideas," she said. I couldn't agree more. In fact, I plan to use some of store's ideas in an upcoming post on styling jeans for the fall.