Saturday, August 31, 2013

Over 50 and Fashion-Frustrated? Blogger Wants to Unite Us

Artwork by Anne M. Bray

Calling all bloggers who are either disabled, middle-aged, plus-sized or any combination of the three! If you and your readers feel marginalized by the Fashion Industry, Alicia at Spashionista would like to hear from you. Alicia, who writes about the "trials and tribulations" being an over 50 fashionista with Cerebral Palsy, is currently developing a roster of bloggers. In her recent post entitled “Roll Model,” Alicia expresses her hope that the new roster will be the first step towards uniting bloggers and readers who wish to form a collective voice for “lasting social acceptance and inclusion.”

The Roll Model Roster has already launched on Alicia's site. Blogger who wish to have their names added should write Alicia at the email provided on the roster page. Readers can use the roster to find bloggers who feel passionate about encouraging the fashion industry to respond to the fashion needs of all women, including those who are disabled, curvy and/or middle-aged. To view the roster, click on Alicia's Roll Model icon below...

As a blogger on style for women over 50, I receive daily emails from 50+ women who are frustrated by the dearth of stylish, flattering fashions for them. We all saw how effective the young people who were fed up with the “1%” calling all the shots were in getting media attention (lots of it here in New York!) during “Occupy Wall Street.” I think Alicia’s “Roll Model” is a wonderful idea and could be the first step towards making our over 50 voices heard by the Fashion Industry. Who knows: Perhaps, there’s an “Occupy the Fashion Industry” in our future.

If you'd like to learn more about Alicia, take a peek at my post, This Fashionista Inspires Women of All Ages and Abilities.