Sunday, October 6, 2013

Smart, Stylish Reading Glasses For Women Over 50

stylish reading glasses for women over 50

Do you remember the first sign of aging you couldn’t ignore? Mine was the necessity for reading glasses. I was in my youthful mid-40s and I could no longer read menus at candlelit tables. Fast-forward a decade and wearing reading glasses seems as natural as wearing shoes. Over the years, I've enjoyed wearing glasses in  a wide variety of styles and colors. So...when the folks at Corinne McCormack asked me to try a pair of readers from the designer’s Fall/Holiday 2013 collection, I said, "yes, please."

I chose the “Roxy” style (see frame style above on the far right) in emerald green from the collection. It was a tough decision because the designer has so many fun styles and colors to choose from. "It’s all about choice," says the Corinne. "I design for a woman who appreciates versatility and practicality as much as a fabulous fashion look.”

fun, well-made reading glasses

Corrine McCormack's Fall/Holiday collection captures two of fashion's latest looks: jewel colors and stripes. Even the bright jewel-colored frames, like my emerald ones, have subtle striping (see below). I love that! Since my reading glasses are in and out of their case all day long, I need a pair that is functional as well fashionable. The Corrine McCormack glasses are lightweight and comfortable, yet sturdy and well-made. In my mind, these features plus a reasonable price tag (($65) make Corrine McCormack designs a good value.  

jewel-colored reading glasses

In addition to the pair of reading glasses, I was sent a stylish sapphire-colored glasses case. The fall/holiday collection includes cases in jewel colors as well as fun paisley prints. The designer has also created attractive optic necklaces for the glasses collection.

Not surprisingly, Corinne's designs have received lots of media buzz, which you can read about on her Facebook page. Meanwhile, if you’re interested in buying a pair of the designer's glasses or an accessory (for yourself or, perhaps, a girlfriend), you can find them at well-known retailers, including Bloomingdale’s, Dillard’s, Lens Crafters, Lord and Taylor, Nordstrom, and Von Maur.