Saturday, October 12, 2013

‘Tis the Season to Promote Your Designs on Flattering50

Is it too soon to talk about the holiday season? I was in the local “5 and 10” store and there was an aisle stuffed with Christmas/Hanukkah decorations right next to the Halloween aisle. A little strange, yes? Still, it reminded me that it was time to post my annual offer to promote small designers over 40 at the holiday season on Flattering50. Are you or someone you know an over 40 designers of clothing, jewelry, hats, handbags or some other garment or accessory? If so, read on.

Once again, I am inviting woman over 40 who design clothing and/or accessories to share their artistry with Flattering50 readers who are looking for holiday gifts for sisters, daughters, girlfriend, coworkers and other females in their lives. Over the next month, I will publish a post about each designer and her collection. The post will include a link back to the designer’s website to learn more and shop. I'll also give a "shout out" on Flattering50's Facebook page. This is free publicity with no strings attached. In the season of giving, it’s my way of showing appreciation for women over 40 who create.

To take advantage of this opportunity for a bit of free holiday season publicity, you must:

  • Contact Flattering50 by November 15, 2013. (But sooner is definitely better.)
  •  Include a website URL where Flattering50 readers can shop online.  
  • Send me 1-3 jpeg photos of your designs to publish with the post.
  • Answer the following three questions… 
    1. Who are you? That is, tell us a little about you and how you became a designer. If you don’t mind, please share your age (“over 40,” “over 50,” and so forth is fine). Also, are you in the United States or somewhere else? 
    2. What would you like shoppers to know about your designs? For example, what materials do you use? How would you describe your pieces? What inspires your design? What is it about your designs or business that you’re most proud of?
    3. How would you describe your personal style? Flattering50 is a style blog and my readers love to hear what other women are thinking about style at a certain age
You don't have to write volumes. Readers can learn more about you and your designs on your website. My hope is that a post on Flattering50 will bring new fans to your site.

If you'd like to see a couple of the designers I featured during the 2012 holiday season, click on
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If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. Hope to hear from you!