Saturday, March 29, 2014

Women's Tops that Flatter and Cover

flattering top for over 50 women

My over 50 girlfriends and I often grumble about all the fashion trends—mini dresses and skirts, 7-inch heels, and cropped tops, to name a few—we can't wear. However, every so often, a trend comes along that makes me feel like writing a fan letter to its creator. For me, that was the case when the below-the waist, stretch denim jeans hit the fashion scene. After years of wearing “mommy pants,” it was a relief to pull on jeans that comfortably rested several inches below my waist and, because of the stretch, moved with me, not against me. However, there's a downside to my below-the-waist jeans: many of my tops barely cover the jean’s lower waistband. Hence, I’m constantly tugging at the top's hem to make sure none of my over 50 belly is exposed.

Recently, Pauline Durban, president and founder of Covered Perfectly, suggested I try one of her tops and write about the experience on Flattering50. As the brand's name implies, the tops are designed to offer women just the right coverage. It sounded promising. The top (above) arrived about a week ago and I'm ready to write my review. To view more tops, click either photo in this post; they're linked to the Covered Perfectly website. And if you like what you see, be sure to take advantage of the special offer for Flattering50 readers at the bottom of this post.

The Covered Perfectly brand is not new to me. In recent months, Pauline has written two posts to Flattering50, one in which she wrote about herself and her new clothing line, and the other about her brand's latest styles and new Plus sizes. After reading the articles, I was intrigued Pauline's fabric choice. Apparently, she chose MicroModal, a natural material made from the fiber of the European Beechwood, as the main fabric for her collection because it's "breathable and luxuriously soft" as well as "cool and comfortable." What's not to like about that?

The question remained: Would it cover my over 50 tummy when I wore below-the-waist jeans? For this review, I chose the Simple Comfort top in royal blue. The minute I tried it on, I knew the top was going to offer the coverage I needed.  Moreover, I loved the way it hung on my body (see photo at top of post). Somehow, the garment flatters my shape without being super clingy.

flattering top for mature women

However, for a garment to make my wardrobe's "Top 10" it has to layer well. After all, I'm a layering fanatic.What defines the perfect layer? For me, it's a garment that's lightweight, comfortable, and versatile. My new top is ultra-comfortable and lightweight. It feels like a second skin, only much softer than my over 50 skin. I can wear it with one of my favorite long, open cardigans without adding unwanted bulk (above). And finally, the top's bright blue (exactly as it was shown on the website) and simple styling makes it very versatile--especially for a gal who loves wearing black and blue.

Before I write a garment review, I like to wash and wear it a couple of times. I'm happy to report that the top is machine washable (I put it in a garment bag and set the machine for the gentle cycle) and air dries nicely.  While I've only had the top a week, I know its lightweight, comfortable design--perfect for wearing alone or as a layer--is going to make it a year-round favorite.

Flattering 50 readers can receive their first purchase. Just use the code F50 at checkout at Covered Perfectly.

Happy Shopping!